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The full Qur’an will wholesomely connect all knowledge in existence. Allah’s Plan works continuously in the web of events. Those who have faith will see the hand of Allah in everything and welcome the light by Revelation.

THE QUR'AN is a scripture which contains in summary the books of all the prophets, whose times were all different, the writings of all the saints, whose paths are all different, and the works of all the purified scholars, whose ways are all different. 
Its six aspects are all brilliant and refined of the darkness of doubts and scepticism; 
Its point of support is heavenly revelation.
Its aim and goal is self-evidently eternal happiness.
Its inner aspect is clearly pure guidance.
Its upper aspect is necessarily the lights of belief.
Its lower aspect is undeniably evidence and proof.
Its right aspect is the surrender of the heart.
Its left aspect is manifestly the reason and intellect.
Its fruit is the mercy of the realm of Paradise.
Its rank and desirability are assuredly accepted by man, angels, and jinn. risal-i-Nur THE WORDS

The one supreme Message of importance to mankind is the Unity of Allah: that He is the Creator and Sustainer of all: that His Will is supreme; that He can carry out His Will without question, and no powers of Evil can defeat it; and that He forgives by His grace again and again. This was the Message the holy Prophet came to deliver, and he did. 4219.
It is a great thing when a man gets into the attitude of humble devotion to Allah. To him the hereafter is a real thing, and he prepares for it with good works. He does not build his hopes on the vanities of this world, but on Allah's Grace and Mercy. Such a man is "endued with understanding" and receives Allah's Message with fervour and alacrity. He is not to be compared with the cynic or the unbeliever, who knows nothing of the real value of the inner life. 4258.
Arrogance (self-love) is thus the root of evil and of unfaith.

The Qur’an: 
A supreme author, an eternal message, and universal relevance. 
Source of guidance; source of illumination. 
It is a complete foundation; an entire system of life.
Moral teachings, rights/obligations, crime/punishment, personal/public law, private/social concerns.
A complete code which provides for all areas of life: spiritual, intellectual, political, social, economic.
Verily this Qur’an doth guide To that which is most right.
Allah’s commands are based on moral law (& not irrational taboos).
The fight is not for spoils or gain, but for the Cause.
The True man is not cowed down, but he fights for truth and faith.
Truth in word and deed is our fullest satisfaction and reward: study and teaching for our brethren.
Allah’s grace is free and abounding; even the erring obtain it by repentance.
The Messenger had to fight alien arrogance and rebellion among his own people.
Obey Allah’s call and hold all else as naught.
Enemies of Faith cannot put out Allah’s Light.
Wealth is for good use, not hoarding.
Allah guides the human spirit in wondrous ways, if man will have Faith.
The inborn good in man is strengthened by constant reminders from Allah.
No burden greater than we can bear.
Seek common principles, avoid dispute.
Allah’s help will come to those who strive, we shall learn from our misfortunes.
Dangers: lack of discipline, dispute, loss of courage, pursuit of selfish ends.
Vain are the taunts of Unbelief: Allah’s promise is sure, Trust in Him.
Live in courage. Live in kindness.
Migrate from places hostile to Islam.
Treachery and secrecy to be avoided. Firmness and faith to be encouraged.
Justice to women and orphans and all: be true and considerate.
Jealousy breeds crimes against individuals and communities.
Avoid excessiveness, rash vows, drinking, gambling, and superstition.
Allah reigns in heaven and on earth; there is a Hereafter.
Life of this world is empty; Allah holds the key to the Unseen.
Signs of Allah are in the daily pageants of Nature.
Revelation eases difficulties. Arrogance and excess at the root of evil.
All good is for man’s enjoyment : Righteous to live in peace and fulfillment of all Hope.
The Final day of existence in this realm is here, so draw near to Allah.
Alms are for the poor and needy, and not for hypocrites.
Hardest striving needed against evil: welcome all chance of service and sacrifice.
Mankind is one.
Be patient and strive with constancy.
Those with faith are the seeing, and those without are like the blind.
Men may mock, but Allah’s Truth will come to its own: the world’s plots have no power to defeat it.
Revelation leads from darkness to light.
Truth is as a goodly tree, with firm roots, spreading branches and perennial fruit.
Evil tries to mislead: the godly should be on their guard.
Allah will guard His Truth, and is the Source of all.
Man’s rank raised by the breathing of Allah’s spirit into him.
Gates of Evil are many, but the goal of Good is peace.
Allah’s Grace and Mercy are always first, but His Justice and Wrath will seize those who defy his law.
Signs and favors guide man to Allah; arrogance misleads.
Allah is One: He provides man with all the means for growth, social, and spiritual.
Messengers will witness against men who reject Truth: be faithful in action.
Allah is with those who live in self-restraint a righteous life
Men of Allah instruct men. Allah’s gifts are for all, but not the same for all.
Creation declares Allah’s Glory; His revelation is Truth; guard your words and avoid dissension.
Truth will last, and Falsehood will perish.
Spirit of Inspiration is the highest gift of Allah: Qur’an teaches Truth.
Revelation warns against evil and guides to goodness everlasting.
True knowledge is with Allah. Do not be puffed up with this world’s goods.
Good deeds are the best of possessions. Pride is the root of evil.
Power is to be used in service of Allah.
Let us not stray but glorify Allah.
Allah’s revelation is not for man’s distress but for man’s guidance.
Creation shows unity of design; benevolence of purpose. Take life seriously and receive Allah’s message.
Evil is conquered by virtues. All men and women of Allah form one united Brotherhood.
Every deed has its fruit.
Rituals are provided for spiritual growth; Sacrifice and Fight for Truth.
Repel evil; be a witness for Allah amongst men.
The Virtues which go with Faith lead to success and bliss man has in himself proofs of Allah’s Providence.
The Brotherhood of Truth is one; sects are created by narrow men.
Eschew evil; pay not evil back in its own coin.
Slander of women is a grave offence.
Allah is Light; Parable of Light and Darkness.
Revelation is the Criterion for distinguishing between right and wrong.
Allah’s Truth in revelation penetrates slowly to man governed by impulse.
Signs of Allah in Nature point to the Law Divine.
Fret not; Allah’s Light will shine.
Ad perished for violence; Thamud for extravagance; Shu’aib for mockery and dishonesty.
Revelation comes through the Spirit of Faith and Truth, and is not like the vain words of false poets.
Revelation makes things clear, guides us in life, and gives us Glad Tidings.
The gifts of nature and the solace of mind and soul come from Allah.
Moses was prepared for his mission, and he succeeded by Allah’s help.
Not wealth, but righteousness attains the happy End; Allah is the only Reality.
Faith and Truth must always prevail.
Worldly power cannot defy right, nor can misused intelligence obscure Allah’s Light.
This world’s strength, skill, beauty, and power are like a spider’s web, flimsy before eternal verities.
Teach Allah’s Truth, and pray to him.
Decision rests with Allah, Who in His own good time will separate Good from Evil.
Allah’s signs are many; they all point to Unity, Goodness, and Mercy.
Eviland Mischief may spread, but Allah will restore the balance in the End (Evil is doomed to perish).
Revelation teaches men Wisdom; Path of the Golden Mean.
Nature declares Allah’s Bounties. 
We must know our place; Allah is the only Reality; He knows what is hidden.
Good and Evil are not equal in Goal.
Allah loves Truth; Call things by right names shun superstition.
Human glory is only fleeting; Allah’s Mercy and Power endure forever.
Unfaith has no stable foundations True values will come in the end.
All power, wisdom, beauty and truth flow from Allah; it is evil that deceives and plots.
There are grades in nature and in the next world.
The Quranic Revelation is a guide to the Straight Path.
Signs of Allah are everywhere. Bear witness to Him, in man, and in the heavens.
For the Evil, their own nature and actions will speak against them.
We must work in discipline to repel evil. We must choose between Good and evil.
The Messengers of Allah were scorned, but Allah’s Purpose won, and they receive posterity.
The ranks of angels and righteous men stand firm in Allah’s service.
Self-glory and Separatism, Envy and Suspicion, lead to evil.
Spiritual power is more potent than worldly power.
Solomon and other men of power and vision never forgot Allah. Strive to win the final bliss.
Gospel of Unity is the true cure for evil; no evil has power over Allah’s servants sincere and true.
To Allah alone is nature due; variety in creation points to unity in plan.
Allah teaches men by parables, but his Word is straight and clear.
Allah’s grace is ever ready for His servants; nothing avails if soul is dead.
Revelation makes things clear.
All Creation and History, and the powers within you, speak of Him.
Best of men is the man of Faith, whose law of life is the Will of Allah.
Allah’s message comes to guide and heal (hope). Turn to Truth, and live.
Unity in Inspiration and in Creation.
Misfortunes are due to our ill-deeds; Allah forgives; live true and in mutual consultation/forbearance.
Revelation makes things clear; follow guidance rather than ancestral ways.
Revelation is a blessing, as it warns against evil.
World is created for just ends; Good and Evil will be sorted out.
Accept signs of Allah; forgive weaker brethren; form no sects, nor follow vain desire.
Creation is for just ends; learn the Truth and serve. 
Be kind to parents.
Learn patient perseverance.
Believe in Revelation and follow not vanities (which will be destroyed in the end).
In fighting for Truth there is no room for faint-heartedness or half-heartedness.
Strive your utmost and give yourself generously.
Avoid rumors, quarrels, suspicion, and spying. 
Islam is a privilege.
Revelation confirms the signs in Nature and History. 
Man’s record will confront him at Judgment.
The Signs of Allah are various; His Truth and Promise are sure and stable.
All acts (good or evil) have inevitable consequences.
Give your all to Allah; He is the goal; serve Him!
All will pass away, but Allah will endure.
Evil will not escape justice, nor Good its reward.
Everything points to Allah; accept His Message, and glorify Him.
Follow Allah’s Light in humble dedication and sincerity; not in isolated renunciation but in service.
Show, by your conduct, unity, discipline, and earnest effort help Allah’s Cause.
Allah’s Revelation is not exclusive but for all.
Day of Assembly (Friday).
Caution against the wiles of Hypocrites.
Believers are to serve Allah and practice good deeds.
Divorce is not to be abused; all interests to be protected.
Sex relations should be confidential and harmonious.
Seek virtue for self and family.
Blessed and Most Gracious is Allah, whose goodness and glory shine everywhere.
Allah is the true reality; His promise of the Hereafter is true.
The Pen betokens the Record, the Decree, the Judgment.
Man is tried against selfishness and overweening confidence.
Seek absolute Reality; be not lured by false appearances.
Allah is Lord of the ways of Ascent; mystery of Time; new World after Judgment.
Hidden spiritual forces recognize the ‘wonderful Recital’.
The Seer prepares himself to proclaim the message by devotion and contemplation.
Contrast between the Blessed ones and the Sinners.
Revelation is a cleansing Wind, that points to Judgment.
Allah’s errands of mercy and justice are being fulfilled every day.
The great Judgment will entirely restore true values.
The gloom and toil of this life; contrast with Hereafter.
Our of darkness shines the Light; so does Revelation light the soul.
Allah leads man on by stages to the highest.
This life’s contrast should not blind us to the Realities of the Hereafter; realize the sure event.
Struggle up the Steep Path.
Learn from Allah’s Signs Allah’s Law; the choice is with you.
Men strive for diverse ends; take Allah’s guidance and seek His Face.
Hope shines like the Dawn through Darkness; follow the Light Divine.
Man created in the best of moulds, but liable to fall unless he believes and leads a good life.
Allah teaches man new knowledge; His Message to be proclaimed.
Islam provides Clear Evidence; Straight Religion.
Pile not up things ephemeral.
Time shows that nothing lasts but Faith, goodness, truth, and virtue.
Vain worship is without heart and soul.
Faith holds fast to Truth.
Curses and spite recoil on their authors.
With Allah seek refuge from all outer ill.

Surah 1: This is the perfect prayer. It is the Essence of the Book. We glimpse the source from which we come, and that final goal which is our spiritual destiny. (1-7)

Surah 2: This chapter classifies men into three broad categories. It tells the story of the creation of man. (1-29)
It tells of his ability to succeed, fail, and the means by which each occur. (30-39)
The story of Israel is told. Tells the story of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Abraham with Ismail built the Kaaba establishing Islam through this symbol of Islamic unity. (87-121)
True virtue lies in deeds of manliness, kindness, and good faith. Allah’s nature is the mind in sublime. 
When faith is lost, people put off obedience with various excuses: even when at last they obey in the latter, they fail in spirit, which means that spiritually they are not alive but dead. For life is movement, activity, striving, fighting, against baser things. (254-283)

Surah 3: 
Allah speaks on having revealed His Book, confirming previous revelations, and we must accept it in all reverence, try to understand its meaning, and reject the base motives which make Truth unacceptable (1-20)
The Jews and Christians had only a portion of the book, and if they reject the complete Book, Muslims must part company with them (21-30)
The story of the miracle birth of Jesus (31-63)
The battle of Badr showed how Allah helps and upholds the virtuous, and how patience, perseverance, and discipline find their reward. (121-148)
The lessons of Uhud must be learnt, not in despair, but in exercise of the higher virtues and in contempt of pain and death. (121-148)
Misfortunes are shown to be due to the indiscipline of some, the indecision and selfishness of others, and cowardice on the part of the hypocrites. (149-180)
The taunts by an enemy should be disregarded, and sincere prayer offered to Allah who would grant his servants success and prosperity. (181-200)

Surah 4: This covers dealing with women, orphans, inheritance, marriage, family rights, hypocrites and their accomplices.
Women should be held in honor and their rights recognized, in marriage, property, and inheritance; and this principle of good should extend to all beings. (15-42)
The believers should organize, and beware of the secret plots of the hypocrites, and how to treat them. (71-91)
Caution about the taking of life. (92-104)
Recommendations for leaving places inimical to Islam | Religious duties in the midst of war | Treachery and the lure of evil. (105-126)
Faith must go with righteousness, sincerity, and moderation in speech. (127-152)

Surah 5: This chapter speaks on the backsliding of the Jews and Christians from their pure religions.
The practical precepts of Islam about food, cleanliness, justice, and fidelity are summarized. 
To fulfill all obligations, human and divine, it points to regulations about food, as conducive to a sober and social life, without superstition and without-bias or hatred. (1-5)
Cleanliness of body, and justice and uprightness of dealing are nearest to Piety. (6-11)
If the Jews and Christians turned back from the Truth, they have had their warning. (12-26)
The murder of Abel by Cain is the type of treatment which the just man suffers from the envious. There is punishment from Allah. The just man must not grieve. (27-43)
Muslims must treat all disputants in fair justice, and must protect their own Faith from insult and scorn: piety, humility. (44-86)
Muslims must guard from excess. Swearing, intoxication, gambling, violation of sanctuary, superstition, and false evidence are condemned. (87-108)
The Miracles of Jesus and how they were misused by those who bore his name.

Surah 6: The nature of Allah and the method by which He reveals himself. The weakness of paganism is exposed. (1-30)
The emptiness of this world’s life is contrasted with the evidence of Allah’s wonderful handiwork in all Creation. It is he who holds the keys of the unseen and the secrets of all we see. (31-60)
Allah’s workings, and constant care and guidance should give a clue to His unity. (61-82)
The Prophets after Abraham kept Allah’s truth alive, and led up to the Qur’an. (83-110)
Allah’s majesty and goodness is contemplated in his creation and Message to mankind. (83-110)
The stubborn and rebellious are deceived: they should be avoided. (111-129)
Allah’s decree exists, in spite of all the crimes and superstitions of the ungodly. (130-150)
The better course is to follow the straight Way of Allah, as directed in the Qur’an, in unity | dedication.

Surah 7: The note “learn from the past” is emphasized. The opposition of Evil to Good is told. Arrogance leads to rebellion; the rebel is jealous and tempts the natural man, who is warned against deceit. (1-31)
The peace of the righteous is in the power and goodness of Allah and in the world we (will) see. (32-58)
The story of Noah, Hud, Salih, Lot, and Shu’aib all point to the lessons that the Message was resisted and rejected, but truth triumphed in the end. (59-99)
The story of Moses and his struggles with Pharaoh, and his preparation for his mission, and his struggles with his own people. (100-157)
The people of Moses transgressed and they were scattered through the earth in sections (158-171)
The Children of Adam have multiplied and many have rejected truth and go by degrees to destruction in ways that they do not realize. The righteous listen to the Message of Allah in humility. (172-206)

Surah 8: Defense under attack | distribution of war acquisitions after victory | virtues needed for concerted action | clemency and consideration for one’s own self and for enemies in the hour of victory.
Booty should never be out sole aim in war. Victory and the prize of victory come from Allah (1-19) Allah’s help will give victory if men are fighting not for themselves but for the sacred Cause of Allah. Obedience and intelligent discipline, zeal, and faith to Allah are the true passports to success and protection from the assaults of evil. (20-37)
Virtue and valor can conquer against odds. Steadfastness and obedience; faith, courage, and fearlessness: due preparation and free expenditure of resources: these are expected from you, and his help is all-sufficient. (38-64)
Even tenfold odds against you do not count if you are fighting for truth against enemies; but remember leniency and consideration in the hour of victory (65-75)

Surah 9: The should always be open repentance and union with the people of Allah; and that if all there fails, and war must be undertaken, it must be pushed with the utmost vigor.
Treaties with Pagans who have treacherously broken their terms are denounced, but four months’ time is given for adjustments or repentance. Pagans to be excluded from the sacred Mosques; infidelity to be fought. (1-29)
We must be ready to fight for the Faith that is in us. (30-42)
The hypocrites and their double dealing: their evil ways pointed out. Their punishment will be as sure as the blessings of the righteous. (43-72)
All evil should be resisted. Falsehood mocks all good: it should not be envied by shunned. (73-99)
Allah will turn in mercy even to those who turn at last to him, though they waver or fail in duty. (100-118)
Those who believe should associate with the righteous and the truthful, actively doing their duty. Every Surah increases the faith of those who believe. (119-129)

Surah 10: the central theme is that Allah’s wonderful Creation must not be viewed by us as a creation of material things only, once made and finished. 
Allah reveals himself through Prophets and scriptures; how Prophets are rejected by men, and the Message disbelieved until it is too late for repentance.
The wonderful working of the Creator through man by revelation seems like magic; yet there can be found Signs and Messages in the sun and the moon and the varying phenomena of nature, from which man should take a lesson of constancy and Faith. (1-20)
As all things and beings proceed from Allah, so will they return to Him. Why then does ungrateful man make untrue phantoms for himself instead of rejoicing in the good news (which He sends). (41-70)

Surah 11: This chapter emphasizes on the side which deals with justice and the punishment of Sin when all Grace is resisted.
Allah’s mercy and patience are contrasted with man’s ingratitude, his love of falsehood & vanity. (1-24)
Noah built his ark under directions of Allah and was saved with peace and blessings, but his rejecters perished. (25-49)
The Prophet Hud preached to his people against false gods, and the Prophet Salih to his people against dishonoring the symbol of Allah’s bounty. In both cases Allah’s Signs were rejected, and the rejecters were blotted out. (50-68)
It is arrogant leaders (like Pharaoh) who mislead men. And men bring ruin on themselves. The penalty for sin is real and abiding. Therefore shun all wrong doing, and serve righteousness whole-heartedly. (96-123)

Surah 12: This surah is the story of Joseph. Life is a dream and a vision to be explained by stories and parables, as in the perspicuous Qur’an. Joseph was given the message of Allah, which was unpalatable to his ten half-brothers who plotted against him and sold him into slavery for silver. Joseph was taken by a merchant into Egypt, and was bought by a great Egyptian court dignitary who adopted him. The dignitary’s wife sought to attract Joseph to the delights of earthly love. His resistance brought him grace and imprisonment, where he taught the truth even in prison and was known for his kindness. (21-42)
One of his fellow prisoners to whom he had interpreted a dream for, was released and received into favor as the King’s cup-bearer. The king had a vision which Joseph (through the cup-bearer he met in prison), got an opportunity of explaining. Joseph insisted that all the scandal that had been raised about him should be publicly cleared. He was received into favor and was appointed wazir to the King. His half-brothers came to Egypt and were treated kindly by Joseph without their knowing his identity. He asks them to bring his full brother, the youngest son, Benjamin. (43-68)
Joseph detains Benjamin and by a stratagem convicts his half-brothers of their hatred and crime against himself, forgives them, and sends them to bring Jacob and the whole family to Egypt. (69-93)
The name of Allah is glorified. The truth of Allah endures, and Allah’s purpose is fully revealed in the Hereafter. (94-111)

Surah 13: The special argument of this Surah deals with that aspect of Allah’s revelation of Himself to man and His dealings with him. There is the revelation of the Prophets, which comes in spoken words; there is the parallel revelation or Signs in the constant laws of external nature, on this earth and in the visible heavens. There is the contrast between recurring life and death already in the external world: why should men disbelieve in the life after death? They mock at the idea of punishment because it is deferred: but can they not see Allah’s power and glory in thunder and the forces of nature? All creation praises Him: it is the good that endures and the evil that is swept away. Not only in miracles but in the normal working of the World, are shown Allah’s power. Even here there are Signs of the working of his law: plot or plan as men will, it is Allah’s Will that must prevail.
The Book of Revelation is true and is confirmed by the Signs to be seen in visible nature. Allah can raise up man after death. Allah’s knowledge is all-compassing: so are His power and goodness. (1-18)
The righteous seek the pleasure of Allah and find Peace; the egvil ones break His Law, dispute, and reject faith; the wrath of Allah will take them in His own good time. (19-31)
So was it with the Messengers before: they were mocked, but the mockers were destroyed, while the righteous rejoiced and were established. (32-43)

Surah 14: Allah’s revelation gains ground in spite of selfish men’s opposition. 
Revelation leads man from darkness to light. It comes to each nation in its own language and for its own special circumstances. There was a conflict of evil with good, but evil was destroyed (parable of the Goodly Tree). (1-27)
Why will not men receive God’s grace? Why will they choose to go astray? Allah’s Plan of Unity will prevail. (28-52)

Surah 15: This surah tells of the protection of Allah’s Revelation and Truth. Evil arose from Pride and the warping of man’s will, but Allah’s Mercy was the solution. The Qur’an, beginning with the Seven Oft-repeated Verses, is the precious vehicle for the praises of Allah.
The Qur’an and its surah’s teach you to celebrate Allah’s praises, learn humility in worship, and serve Allah all your life. (85-99)

Surah 16: The new point of view is that Nature points to Nature’s God.
Everything in Creation proclaims the glory of Allah. To man is given dominion over Nature, that man may recognize Allah’s Unity and Truth. (1-25)
Allah’s Signs in the rain-bearing clouds, the cattle that give milk, the bee that produces honey, the wonderful relations of family and social life, and the refinements and comforts of civilization (51-83)
The Messengers of Truth will bear witness against those who reject the Truth. Allah will judge us according to our deeds and faith (84-100)
The Qur’an is true; it guides and gives glad tidings. Believe, and make the most of Life in all things good. Follow the example of Abraham; be true in Faith and righteous, and do good. (101-128)

Surah 17: The journey of the human soul and its growth in life, the first steps in such growth must be through moral conduct, kindness to fellow-men, courage and firmness in the hour of danger, a sense of personal responsibility, and a sense of Allah’s Presence through prayer and praise.
Our service to Allah is shown also in our human relations, goodness to parents and kinsmen and strangers in want, as well as kindness to children, purity in sex relations, justice and respect for human life, protection of orphans, probity in all dealings, and avoidance of arrogance. (23-40)
The reception of revelation to man marks off the man of faith from those who do not believe, but the believers should speak fair and avoid dissensions (41-60)
Pride caused the fall of Iblis; the Qur’an is offered as healing (61-84)
Inspiration is a Sign of Allah’s grace (85-111)

Surah 18: The Qur’an is a direction and a warning. This life is brief and subject to twists. Our ideas of Time are shoddy.
Knowledge is for Allah: be on your guard against idle conjectures and cocksure hopes. Avoid the being brought to naught. (23-44)
Goodness and virtue are better and more durable. (45-59)

Surah 19: The religious growth of man begins with the first principles of moral conduct dependent upon our realization of the brevity of this life and the true use of power. 
This Surah touches on the Prophets and their stories.
Man should not disbelieve in the Hereafter, nor sully his faith by false notions about Allah. (66-98)
Goodness breeds love and peace, and sin breeds hatred and contention.

Surah 20: Prayer and praise are necessary to man to cure his spiritual blindness and enable him to appreciate Allah’s revelation. This Surah tells the story of Moses.

Surah 21: The common point is that the Prophets had to win their ground inch by inch against all kinds of resistance from evil. This surah gives assurance of Allah’s power to defend men, and by making full use of man’s God-given faculties and powers to fight against injustice.

Surah 22: Messengers who came in various ways to proclaim the Truth and conquer evil. This surah touches on the Sacred House (kabaa), the Pilgrimage, the Sacrifices, Striving and Fighting in the defense of Truth when attacked, and other acts that uproot Falsehood.
Importance of the spiritual Future, and the need of firmness in Faith. (1-25)
Striving and Fighting in defense of Truth when attacked are necessary as tests of self-sacrifice. (26-48)
The promptings of evil may hinder the work of Allah’s Messenger, but that work must triumph, and the Mercy and Truth of Allah must be established, therefore serve Allah and He will protect and help you. (49-78)

Surah 23: This surah deals with the virtues which are seed-bed for Faith, especially in an environment in which Truth is denied and its votaries insulted and persecuted. But Truth is One and must prevail.
Faith, coupled with prayer (humility), charity, abstinence from vanity and from indulgence in appetites, and strict probity, must lead to final success…even though people mock and accuse the righteous of false motives. (1-50)
Evil must be repelled by goodness and faith in Allah; for the future life is sure in the Hereafter. (93-118)

Surah 24: The environmental and social influences which most frequently wreck our moral ideals have to do with sex, and its misuse. Our complete conquest of all pitfalls in such matters enables us to rise to the higher regions of Light and of God-created Nature.
The Order and obedience in Nature point to the religious duty of man. (35-37)
Manners contribute to the highest virtues, and are part of our spiritual duties leading up to Allah. (58-64)

Surah 25: This surah develops the contrast between Light and Darkness, as knowledge and ignorance, righteousness and since, spiritual progress and degradation.
Allah’s highest gift for man is that he has provided a criterion between right and wrong in His revelation, which teaches us the true significance of our eternal Future. (1-20)
Those who do not follow that criterion will be full of sadness. (21-44)

Surah 26: The story of Moses in his fight with Pharaoh. Other Prophets are mentioned which illustrate the contrast between the spirit of Light and the reactions to it in the communities among whom they appeared.
The lesson is drawn that the Qur’an is a continuation and fulfillment of previous Revelations, and is pure Truth, unlike the poetry of vain poets.
The conflict of Unbelief with Truth is vain, as was the conflict of Pharaoh with Moses. (1-69)
Abraham’s people did not gain anything by their resisting the Truth he preached.
Noah’s people perished by their Unbelief.
Hud warned his people against reliance on material strength.
Salih warned against sacrilege. (123-159)
Lut had to deal with unspeakable crimes.
Shu’aib dealt against dishonest dealings and mischief. (160-191)
So when the spirit of Prophecy came to Mecca, it was resisted by the votaries of evil: but Truth is not like vain poetry, and must triumph at last. (192-277)

Surah 27: The Fire, the White Hand, and the Rod, in the story of Moses.
The speech of birds, the crowds of Jinns and men pitted against a humble ant, and the hoopoe and the Queen of Sheba, in Solomon’s story. 
The defeat of the plot of the nine wicked men in the story of Salih. The crime of sin with open eyes in the story of Lot.
These are the lessons of true and false worship and the miracles of Allah’s grace and revelation.
Solomon knew the speech of Birds and had hosts of Jinns and men; yet the wise ant had ample defense against them: the Hoopoe who was absent at his muster, was yet serving him: the Queen of Sheba had a kingdom, but it submitted with conviction to the Wisdom of Solomon (& the Kingdom of Allah). (15-44)
Fools ascribe ill-luck to godliness (Salih story). 
Or fall into their lusts with their eyes open (Lut story). But their plots/ rage will be foiled by Allah. (45-58)
Allah’s goodness is supreme over all Creation: Unfaith will yield to faith in the final adjustment of values.
Follow Revelation – serve Allah – And trust in Him. (59-93)

Surah 28: The recipient of inspiration is prepared for his high destiny, in the growth of his ordinary life.
The rejection of Allah’s Message is caused by overweening arrogance or avarice.
Pharaoh was arrogant and unjust, but Allah’s plan was to strengthen the weak.
In infancy Moses was prepared for his mission; in youth he was guided by Allah; in exile he was supported by Allah. (1-42)
The holy Prophet Muhammad was fed spiritually by Allah’s Grace, and his revelation was recognized by those who knew the earlier Revelations: sent to warn those seduced by this world’s life. (43-60)
The Future is with those who repent, have faith, and do good: for all Truth (mercy) is with Allah.
Men puffed up will come to an evil end. (76-88)
The soldier of Allah, having taken up the fight against evil, and knowing that he is in touch with the true Light, never yields an inch of ground. He is inviting others to his rank, and refuses to be with the Unfaith.
The whole phenomenal world is subject to flux and change, but Allah will endure forever.

Surah 29: The great Prophets were prepared for their work and received their mission, and the nature of Revelations in relation to the environments in which it was promulgated.
Emphasis is laid on the necessity of linking actual conduct with the reception of Allah’s revelation.
This world’s life is contrasted with the real Life of the Hereafter.
Belief is tested by trial in life: though Noah lived 950 years, his people refused Faith.
Worldly power is as frail as a spider’s web. (28-44)
The Qur’an as a revelation stands on its own merits and is a Sign: it teaches the distinction between Right and Wrong, and shows the excellence of the Hereafter. (45-69)

Surah 30: Revelation is linked up with Life and Conduct, and Time (looking backwards and forwards).
The time theme and its mystery are brought into relation with human history in the foreground and the evolution of the world in all its aspects (in the background).
The corruption introduced by man is cleared away by Allah, whose Universal Plan points to the Hereafter. The next two Surah’s present the theme (of time) in other aspects. All four are introduced with the Abbreviated Letters A.L.M.
The Persian Empire fell just 9 years after capturing Jerusalem from the Christians. The pro-Persian Pagan Quraish rejoiced exceedingly, and redoubled their taunts and persecution against the holy Prophet, whose Message was a renewal of the Message of Christ preached in Jerusalem. Then, this surah was revealed clearly foreshadowing the final defeat of Persia as prelude to the destruction of the Persian Empire.
Islam was struggling in the world like the still small voice in the conscience of humanity. It was insulted, assaulted, persecuted, boycotted, and suppressed. But the purpose of Allah is not to be thwarted. A new inner World was being created through Islam. This spiritual Revolution was of infinitely greater moment in world-history.
The toppling down of false worship, the restoration of simplicity in faith and life (rehabilitation of this life as the first step to understanding the Hereafter), the displacement of superstition and hair-splitting theology by a spirit of rational enquiry and knowledge, and the recognition of the divine as covering the whole way of Life.
Thought, and Feeling – this is the true Message of Islam and its mission.
Its struggle – its fight – continues, but it is not without effect, as seen in the march of centuries in world-history.
The ebb and flow of worldly power are but outward events: the deeper meaning is in the working of Allah’s Universe – how Good and Evil reach their final end. (1-19)
The changes and variety of Allah’s Creation point to Unity: man should glorify Him, the One. (20-40)
Allah purifies the moral world as he does the world of physical nature, strengthening the weak and pulling down the mighty: wait therefore in patience and constancy and be not depressed. (41-60)
The Messenger of Allah does feel discouraged because the Unbelievers laugh at him or persecute him. He has firm faith, and he knows that Allah will finally establish His Truth. He goes on in his divinely entrusted task, with patience and perseverance which must win against the levity of his opponents who have no faith or certainty to sustain them.

Surah 31: Human wisdom looks to Allah in worship, ennobles every act of life with true kindness, but avoids the false indulgence that infringes the divine law,-and in short follows the golden mean of virtue. And this is indicated by every Sign in nature.
The seekers of righteousness receive guidance unlike those after vanity who perish. Wisdom is true service to Allah. (1-19)
True Wisdom is firm and enduring, and recognizes Allah’s Law in its working: it looks to the Final End of Things, whose mystery is only known to Allah. (20-34)

Surah 32: This Surah touches on the issues of Creation, Time, and the Final End as viewed through the light of Allah’s revelation. The contemplation of these issues should lead to Faith.
Revelation is a blessing like Rain, which brings life to dead soil. (1-30)

Surah 33: This surah touches on the hard facts of this life. Two questions are mainly considered: 1) the attempt by violence and brute force to crush the truth, and (2 the attempt, by slander , to poison the relation of women with men.
Guard your words and your responsibilities. (53-73)

Surah 34: This Surah emphasizes Allah’s Mercy and Power and Truth. We are told how angels manifest the power of Allah, and how different Good is from Evil and Truth from Falsehood. Emphasis is on the snares of Satan; on the conquest of evil by wisdom, power, patience and constancy. 
No Good or Truth is ever lose: Human power and Prosperity are fleeting; but Allah’s Power and Justice endure and will enforce personal responsibility. (1-30)
Faith and Unfaith will find their true places and true value; Falsehood has no power; Truth is with Allah. (31-54)

Surah 35: This Surah deals with the mystery of Creation and its maintenance, with various forces typified by the wings of Angels. Whether we look to outer nature or to man, Allah’s Grace proclaims His Glory, and protects His votaries from Satan.
The forces which maintain Creation were themselves created by Allah, to Whom all praise is due. (1-26)
All good is from Allah: who then will choose Evil, and reach the doom that goes with it? (24-45)

Surah 36: This Surah is devoted to the holy Prophet and the revelation which he brought. The Abbreviated Letters Ya-Sin are usually construed as a title of the Holy Prophet. This Surah is considered to be “the heart of the Qur’an”, as it concerns the central figure in the teaching of Islam and the central doctrine of Revelation and the Hereafter. It is appropriately read at the death-bed.
The Qur’an is full of wisdom, and those are unfortunate who cannot profit by it. (1-32)
Various Signs of Allah in nature and Revelation. (33-50)
The Resurrection and the Hereafter (51-83)

Surah 37: The defeat of evil is throughout connected with Revelation, and here the ranged fight is illustrated by a reference to the angels in heaven.
Through the heavens and the earth, there is a sorting out of the evil against good: their final destinations contrasted. (1-74)
Peace and victory came to Noah, Abraham, Moses and Aaron, Ilyas and Lut, in their conflict with Evil. (75-138)
Allah’s Prophets strive for His glory, and shall be victorious. (139-182)

Surah 38: The emphasis laid is on the working of earthly power when combined with spiritual power, and it is pointed out how much more significant (and real) spiritual power is. The illustrative stories are mainly those of David and Solomon who were kings as well as prophets.
Worldly and evil men are surprised at the renewal of Truth and Righteousness; but righteousness has more power than worldly strength, as is seen in the story of kings like David, who had both. (1-26)
Solomon loved Allah more than worldly power, which may be good but may be misused by evil men. (27-64)
As in the case of the final Messenger: his Gospel of Unity must triumph over all Jealousy and Arrogance. (65-88)

Surah 39: The subject-matter is how Creation in its great variety is sorted out in Groups or Classes, all governed by one Plan, and created and sustained by One God, Who will separate Good from Evil at the last day. 
The variety in Creation yet points to unity of Plan: there is only One God: to Him is due all worship and from Him flow all Justice and Grace. (1-21)
There is unity in Revelation, and guidance comes from Allah alone: turn to Him only, for all else is false. (22-52)
Allah’s Mercy is all-embracing: despair not: seek it before it is late: for Judgment and Justice will come for certain. (53-75)

Surah 40: The general theme is the relation of Faith to Unfaith, Revelation to Rejection, Goodness to Evil, and Truth to Falsehood. The first in each of these pairs is the real friend, helper, and protector of man, while the second is his enemy.
Faith is ever justified, for Allah forgives: but evil deeds must have evil fruits. (1-20)
In all history Evil came to evil; the protest of Faith, in the midst of Evil, may be ignored; but Faith is protected by Allah, while Evil perishes (21-51)
No doubt is there of the Future Judgment; will man dispute, or will he accept the Signs. (51-85)

Surah 41: The theme is that the basis of Faith and Revelation is Allah’s Power and Goodness, and the fruit of both is man’s righteousness and healing.
What is Revelation and Faith, and what is man’s attitude to both and consequences. (1-32)
The fruits of Faith and Unfaith, Truth and Falsehood. (33-54)

Surah 42: The theme is how evil can be cured by the Mercy and Guidance of Allah, which come through His Revelation. Men are asked to settle their differences in patience by mutual Consultation.
The Contrast of disputation and blasphemy against Revelation, as relying on the Signs of Allah. (1-29)
Evil comes through men’s own deeds, of which they cannot avoid the consequences of, and
Guidance comes through Allah’s Mercy and Revelation. (30-53)

Surah 43: This surah deals with the contrasts between the real glory of Truth and Revelation, and the false glitter of what people to believe and worship.
The Qur’an of Revelation makes things clear: it will last in Time.
Abraham exposed the falsehood: the glitter and adornments of this world will not last: what was the end of Pharaoh in his arrogant fight with Moses. (1-25)
Jesus was a servant of Allah, but his sectarian followers raised false disputations about him: all is known to Allah, Whose Truth will shine. (57-89)

Surah 44: The theme of this surah is how worldly pride and power are humbled in the dust if they resist spiritual forces, and how Evil and Good find their true setting in the Afterlife.
Revelation explains how worldly pride and arrogance may come to nothing, against spiritual truths. (1-29)
A people may be given all blessings and may fail in its trust, as did Israel. (30-59)

Surah 45: In this life, in spite of the Signs of Allah, and the evidences of His goodness all around, men go about in Unfaith, and mocking at Faith; but the End will bring them all to their knees.
The government of the world is so ordered that each soul gets every chance for its full development, and it reaps the fruit of all its activities. If it breaks away from Allah’s Grace, it suffers, but no injustice is done to anyone: on the contrary, Allah’s Bounty is always beyond man’s deserts. 4760. Awareness to my situation of not having been grown up in the ghetto, yet still blessed by Allah for that sphere of influence.

Surah 46: The lesson of this Surah is that if the Truth is challenged, the challenge will be duly answered, and Truth vindicated.
All Creation has a Purpose behind it: Truth and Revelation will be vindicated, and those who question it will be undone by the very means by which they set such store: the righteous should wait  in patience and constancy. (1-35)

Surah 47: This Surah deals with the necessity of defense against external foes by courage and strenuous fighting.
Aggressive hostility to Faith and Truth should be fought firmly. (1-19)
Faint-heartedness is doomed. (20-38)

Surah 48: Victory comes from cool courage, devotion, faith, and patience. Therefore remember Allah. (1-29)

Surah 49: Quarrels are unseemly and should be composed; manners spring from morals; and mutual respect and confidence are a duty and a privilege in Islam.
A community must show its respect to its Leader in all forms of behavior. (1-18)
By accepting Islam, the Light of Allah has entered their hearts and they have received guidance. 4937.

Surah 50: Skeptics can look up to the heavens above and to Nature around them, as well as to the fate of sin in the history of the past: will they doubt Allah’s Revelation when the veil is lifted. (1-45)
The earth only corrupts and takes away the body when they are dead; it has no power over the soul. The full account of the soul’s doing is in Allah’s Record 4943.
The greatest philosophers have found a difficulty in understanding the skeptical position when they contemplate the wonder and mystery of the skies with all the countless beautiful stars and planets and light in them, and laws of order, motion, and symmetry, that respond to the highest mathematical abstractions without a flaw. Can blind Chance give rise to such conditions… 4945.

Surah 51: This Surah deals with the varying ways in which Truth prevails irresistibly against all human probabilities.
The Truth of Allah is sure and stable, whereof you may see the Signs both around and within you. (1-23)
Past events and what you see sends you a Reminder: the loss is your own if you reject and deny. (24-60)
Creation is not for idle sport or play: Allah has a serious Purpose behind it, which, in our imperfect state, we can only express by saying that each creature is given the chance of development and progress towards the Goal, which is Allah. Allah is the source and center of all power and all goodness, and our progress depends upon our putting ourselves into accord with His Will. This is His service. It is not of any benefit to Him: it is for our own benefit. 5032.

Surah 52: Revelation is in accord with Allah’s signs. The Afterlife is inevitable.
All Signs of Allah point to the inevitable consequences of ill-deed and good deeds. (1-49)
Shallow men who plot against Good are themselves the willing victims of insidious plots laid by Evil. 5076.

Surah 53: Revelation is not an illusion: the illusion is in the minds of those who doubt and have false ideas of Allah: Allah is the Originator of all things.
The Revelations given to the Prophet are neither error nor deception, nor does he speak from selfish motives. (1-32)
Allah is the Originator of all things-in men, in nature, and in the events of history. (33-62)

Surah 54: The theme of this Surah is an invitation to listen to the Message and turn to Truth and Righteousness.
Allah’s Creation is not haphazard. Everything goes by law, proportion, and measure. Everything has its appointed time, place, and occasion. Nothing happens but according to His Plan, and every deed, word, and thought of man has its fullest consequences, except in so far as the Grace of Mercy of Allah intervenes according to law and plan. 5163.

Surah 55: Allah most Gracious has sent Revelation, one of His greatest favors to man; His creation is in pairs, well-balanced; all created things receive His favor’s, but they will all pass away, and only Allah will endure through the ages. (1-34)
Ultimately all evil shall return to its destination, as well as all Good. (35-78)
In the great astronomical universe there are exact mathematical laws, which bear witness to Allah’s Wisdom and also to His favors to His creatures; for we all profit by the heat and light, the seasons, and the numerous changes in the tides and the atmosphere, on which the constitution of our globe and the maintenance of life depend. 5174
A man should be honest and straight in every daily matter: and he should be straight, just and honest, in all the highest dealings, not only with other people, but with himself and in his obedience to Allah’s Law. Not many do either the one or the other when they have an opportunity of deceit. Justice is the central virtue, and the avoidance of both excess and defect in conduct keeps the human world balanced just as the heavenly world is kept balanced by mathematical order. 5178.

Surah 56: This Surah’s theme is the certainty of the Day of Judgment; Allah’s Power, Goodness and Glory; and the truth of Revelation.
When the Day of Judgment comes, the world will be shaken to its foundations, and men shall be sorted into three sorts: Those nearest to Allah, in exalted Bliss; the Companions of the Right Hand, in Bliss; and the Companions of the Left Hand, in Misery. (1-56)
Surely the Power and Goodness of Allah, of which Revelation is a Sign, should lead man to accept the Message and glorify Him. (57-96)
“The assurance of the Hereafter” is one of the strongest features of Faith. For without it the apparent inequalities and injustices of this Life cannot be satisfactorily explained. 5272.

Surah 57: This Surah is chiefly concerned with humility and the avoidance of arrogance, and a warning that retirement from the world may not be the best way of seeking the good pleasure of Allah.
Allah’s Power and Knowledge extend to all thing: follow His Light direct, without doubt (with humility, and faith, and not in a life of isolation from the world). (1-29)
Three things are mentioned as gifts of Allah. In concrete terms they are the Book, the Balance, and Iron, which stand as emblems of three things which hold society together, which commands Good and forbids Evil; Justice, which gives to each person his due; and the strong arm of the Law, which maintains sanctions for evil-doers. 5313.

Surah 58: All false pretenses, especially those that degrade a woman’s position, are condemned,-as well as secret consultations between men and intrigues with falsehood, mischief, and sedition. (1-22)
The salutation of Allah was (and is) “Peace!”. 5343.
Evil can harm no one who is good, except in so far as (1) there is some question of trial in Allah’s Universal Plan, or (2) what appears to be harm may be real good. Nothing happens without Allah’s will and permission. And we must always trust Him, and not our cleverness or any adventitious circumstances that draw us the least bit from the path of righteousness. 5346.

Surah 59: The special theme here is how treachery to the Ummat on the part of its enemies recoils on the enemies themselves, while it strengthens the bond between the different sections of the Ummat itself.
The expulsion of the treacherous Jews from the neighborhood of Medina was smoothly accomplished: their reliance on their fortified position and on the faith of their allies in treachery proved futile. But the internal bonds in the Ummat were strengthened. Such is the wisdom of Allah, Lord of the Most Beautiful Names. (1-24)

Surah 60: The enemies of your Faith, who would exterminate you and your Faith, are not fit objects of your love: follow Abraham’s example: but with those Unbelievers who show no rancor, you should deal with kindness and justice: marriages between Believers and Unbelievers. (1-13)

Surah 61: Allah’s Glory shines through all Creation: but what discipline can you show to back your words with action? Help the Cause, and Allah’s help will come to you with glorious results. (1-14)

Surah 62: The special theme here is the need for mutual contact in the Community for worship and understanding: for the spirit of the Message is for all, ignorant and learned, in order that they may be purified and may learn wisdom.
The Revelation has come among unlearned men, to teach purity and wisdom not only to them but to others, including those who may have an older Message but do not understand it: let not worldly interests deflect you therefrom. (1-11)

Surah 63: The special feature here dealt with is the wiles and mischief of the Hypocrite element in any community, and the need of guarding against it and against the temptation it throws.
False are the oaths of the Hypocrites: they only seek selfish ends.
Beware of their wiles and strive devotedly for the Cause. (1-11)

Surah 64: The special aspect spoken here is the mutual gain and loss of Good and Evil in contrast to this life and in the Afterlife.
Both the Unbelievers and the Believers were created by the One True God, Who created all and knows all: why should Unbelief and Evil exult in worldly gain when their loss will be as manifest in the Hereafter as will be the gains of the Believers… (1-18)
What we consider calamities may be blessings in disguise. Pain in the body is often a signal of something wrong, which we can cure by remedial measures. So in the moral and spiritual world, we should in all circumstances hold firmly to the faith that nothing happens without Allah’s knowledge and leave; and therefore there must be some justice and wisdom according to His great universal Plan. Our duty is to find out our own shortcomings and remedy them. If we try to do so in all sincerity of heart, Allah will give us guidance. 5492.

Surah 65: The Surah’s here deal with the social life of the Community. Divorce, and the necessity to guard against its abuse. The relations of the sexes are an important factor in the social life of the Community.
Provision to be made for women in case of Divorce; disrespectful sin always leads to punishment. (1-12)

Surah 66: The point of this Surah deals with how the far turning away from sex or the opposition of one sex against another or a want of harmony between the sexes may injure the higher interests of society.
The failings of the weaker sex should not turn away men from normal social life: harmony and mutual confidence should be taught and enforced, and Allah’s blessing will descend on the virtuous.

Surah 67: This Surah defines the true Reality in contrast with the false standards set up by men.
The following short Qur’anic Surahs have a grandeur, a beauty, and a force of earnestness under persecution, all their own. With their sources in the sublimest regions of heaven; their light penetrates into the darkest recesses of Life, into the concrete facts which are often mistaken for the whole of Reality, though they are but an insignificant portion and on the surface and fleeting.
This surah is the contrast between the shadows of Reality here and the eternal Reality, between the surface world and the profound inner World, that is urged on our attention here.
“Created Death and Life.” Death is here put before Life, and it is created. Death is therefore not merely a negative state. “Seeing that ye were without life (literally, dead), and He gave you life: then will He cause you to die, and will against bring you to life; and against to Him will ye return.” Death is put before Life. Death, then, is (1) the state before life began, which may be non-existence or existence in some other form: (2) the state in which Life as we know it ceases, but existence does not cease; a state, or Barrier or Partition, after our visible Death and before Judgment; after that will be the new Life, which we conceive of under the term Eternity. 5556.

Surah 68: Muhammad was the sanest and wisest of men: those who could not understandhim called him mad or possessed. So, in every age, it is the habit of the world to call Truth Falsehood and Wisdom Madness, and, on the other hand, to exalt Selfishness as Planning, and Arrogance as Power. The contrast is shown up between the two kinds of men and their real inner worth.
Let the good carry on their work in spite of the abuse of the Companions of Evil: let all remember Allah, before Whom all men are on trial. (1-33)
True Judgment comes from Allah, and not from the false standards of men. (34-52)
It is clearly against both logic and justice that men of righteousness should have the same End as men of sin. Even in this life, man cannot command whatever he chooses, though he is allowed a limited freedom of choice. How can he expect such a thing under a reign of perfect Justice and Truth… 5619.

Surah 69: This surah presses: ‘the absolute Truth cannot fail; it must prevail; therefore be not lured by false appearances in this life; it is Revelation that points to the sure and certain Reality.’
Surah 70: Patience and Time will show the ways that climb to Heaven. Sin and Goodness must each eventually come to its own.

Surah 71: The theme is that while Good must uphold the standard of Truth and Righteousness, a stage is reached when it must definitely part company with Evil, lest Evil should spread its corruption. 
The story of Noah’s agony is almost a parable for the holy Prophet’s persecution.

Surah 72: The Prophet was despised and rejected in his native city of Mecca. They maltreated him and nearly killed him; what caused him even greater pain was the maltreatment of the humble and lowly men who went with him. On his return journey to Mecca, jinns not know to him accepted his mission while his own people were still rejecting him. Within two months some strangers from Madina privately met him and laid the foundations of that Hijrat which was to change the fate of Arabia and the course of world-history.

Surah 73: The subject-matter is the significance of Prayer and Humility in spiritual life.

Surah 74: The subject matter is Prayer and Praise, and the need of patience in a period of great spiritual stress: the unjust who cause sorrow and suffering now will themselves experience agony in the Afterlife.

Surah 75: the subject matter is the Resurrection, viewed from the point of view of Man, especially unregenerate Man, as he is now, and as he will be then,-his inner and psychological history.

Surah 76: This surah explains Time as existing spontaneously from eternity to eternity and responsible for the misery or the happiness of mankind. “They say… ‘nothing but Time can destroy us’.” This attitude is of course wrong. Time is a created thing: it has its wonders, but it is no more eternal than matter. It is also relative to our conceptions and not absolute, as Einstein has proved. It is only Allah Who is self-subsisting, Eternal from the beginning and Eternal to the end, the absolute Existence and Reality.
This Surah is full of the highest meanings, and its theme is the contrast between the two classes of men, those who choose good and those who choose evil, with special reference to the former.
Allah has not only created man, but “made their frame strong”, i.e., given them the power and strength to withstand the temptations of Evil and stand firmly in the Path of Right. 5859.
Man in himself is weak; he must seek Allah’s Grace; without it he can do nothing; with it he can do all. For Allah knows all things, and His wisdom comprehends the good of all. 5862.

Surah 77: The theme of this surah denounces the horrors of the Hereafter, for those who rejected Truth. “Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!” which occurs ten times in its fifty verses, or, on an average, once in every five verses.

Surah 78: Allah’s loving care, from it the Promise of the Future, when Evil will be destroyed and Good will come to its own; and invites all who have the will, to seek refuge with their Lord.

Surah 79: This surah deals with the theme of Judgment from the point of view of Pride and its Fall. 

Surah 80: He whose gentle heart ever sympathized with the poor and the afflicted, got new Light from above. The surah recapitulates the Mercies of Allah to man, and the consequences of a good or a wicked life here, as seen in the world to come, in the Hereafter.

Surah 81: This Surah breaks down the world as we know it and the enforcement of complete personal responsibility for each soul. The Quranic Revelation was true, and revealed through the angel Gabriel, and not merely a rhapsody from on possessed. Revelation is given for man’s spiritual guidance.

Surah 82: This surah covers the final Day of Judgment, an individual’s death, and to the awakening of the Inner Light in the soul at any time, that being considered as Death to the Falsities of this life and a Re-birth to the true spiritual reality. 

Surah 83: This surah condemns all fraud-in daily dealings, as well as and especially in matters of Religion and daily Life.
The heart of man is pure and unsullied. Every time that a man does an ill deed, it marks a stain or rust on his heart. If there is no repentance and forgiveness, the stains deepen and spread more and more, until the heart is sealed and eventually the man dies a spiritual death. It is such stains that stand in the way of his perceiving Truths which are obvious to others. 

Surah 84: This Surah shows that the present phenomenal order will not last, and Allah’s full Judgment will certainly be established: man should therefore strive of that World of Eternity and True Values.
Considering man’s high destiny, and the fact that this life is but a stage or a sojourn for him, it might be expected that he would eagerly embrace every opportunity of welcoming Allah’s Revelation and ascending by Faith to heights of spiritual wisdom. There is something wrong with his will if he does not do so. 6048.

Surah 85: Allah watches over His own, and will deal with the enemies of Truth as He dealt with them in the past.
The Stars of the Zodiac as well as of other Constellations are like the eyes of the Night. It may be that crimes are committed in the darkness of the night. But countless eyes are watching all the time, and every author of evil will be brought to book. 6052.

Surah 86: This surah speaks on the protected afforded to every soul. The physical nature of man may be insignificant, but the should given to him by Allah must win a glorious Future in the end. 
If man has a true spiritual understanding, he has nothing to be afraid of. He is protected by Allah in many ways that he does not even know. He may be an insignificant creature as a mere animal, but his soul raises him to a dignity above other creation. And all sorts of divine forces guard and protect him. 6069.
A man’s seed is the quintessence of his body. It proceeds from his loins, from his back between the hip-bones and his ribs. His back-bone is the source and symbol of his strength and personality. In the spinal cord and in the brain is the directive energy of the central nervous system, and this direct all action, organic and psychic. The spinal cord is continuous with the Medulla Oblongata in the brain. 6071.

Surah 87: The argument is that Allah has made man capable of progress by ordered steps, and by His Revelation will lead him still higher to purification and perfection. 
The Path of Islam is simple and easy. It depends on no abstruse mysteries or self-mortifications, but on straight and manly conduct in accordance with the laws of man’s nature as implanted in him by Allah. On the other hand, spiritual perfection may be most difficult, for it involves complete surrender on our part to Allah in all our affairs, thoughts, and desires: but after that surrender Allah’s Grace will make our path easy. 6087.

Surah 88: The subject-matter is the contrast between the destinies of the Good and the Evil in the Hereafter,-on the Day when the true balance will be restored: the Signs of Allah even in this life should remind us of the Day of Account, for Allah is good and just, and His creation is for a just Purpose.
The Messenger of Allah is sent to teach and direct people on the way. He is not sent to force their will, or to punish them, except in so far as he may receive authority to do so. Punishment belongs to Allah alone. And Punishment is certain in the Hereafter, when true values will be restored. 6107.

Surah 89: Man’s history and legendary lore show that greatness does not last and the proudest aer brought low. For enforcing moral and spiritual truths, the strictest history is no better than legend. Indeed all artistic history is legend, for it is written from a special point of view. Man is easily cowed by contrasts in his own fortunes, and yet he does not learn from them the lesson of forbearance and kindness to others, and the final elevation of goodness. When all the things on which his mind and heart are set on this earth shall be crushed to nothingness, he will see the real glory and power, love and beauty, of Allah, for these are the light of the Garden of Paradise. 

Surah 90: This Surah refers to the relation of the holy Prophet with the city of Mecca.

Surah 91: This Surah leads to man’s need of realizing his spiritual responsibility, it ends with a warning of the terrible consequences for those who fear not the Hereafter.
Allah makes the soul, and gives it order, proportion, and relative perfection, in order to adapt it for the particular circumstances in which it has to live its life. He breathes into it an understanding of what is sin, in which it may be placed. This is the most previous gift of all to man, the faculty of distinguishing between right and wrong. After the six eternal evidences mentioned this internal evidence of Allah’s goodness is mentioned as the greatest of all. By these various tokens man should learn that his success, his prosperity, his salvation depends on himself,-on his keeping his soul pure as Allah made it; and his failure, his decline, his perdition depends on his soiling by choosing evil. 6152.

Surah 92: This surah tells man to strive our utmost towards Allah, and He will give us every help and satisfaction. 

Surah 93: In this Surah, the vicissitudes of human life are referred to, and a message of hope and consolation is given to man’s soul from Allah’s past mercies, and he is bidden to pursue the path of goodness and proclaim the bounties of Allah. This is the general meaning.
Judge the future from the past. Allah has been good to you in your past experience: trust to His goodness in the future also.

Surah 94: This Surah gives a message of hope and encouragement in a time of difficulty.
Worldly greatness or success may be a means to an end, but it may also be a hindrance to true spiritual greatness. Allah is the goal of the righteous man’s attention and desire. 6193.
The breast is symbolically the seat of knowledge and the highest feelings of love and affection, the treasure-house in which are stored the jewels of that quality of human character which approached nearest to the divine. The holy Prophet’s human nature had been purified, expanded, and elevated, so that he became a Mercy to all Creation. Such a nature could afford to ignore the lower motives of ordinary humanity which caused shameful attacks to be made on him. Its strength and courage could also bear the burden of the galling work which it had to do in denouncing sin, subduing it, and protecting Allah’s creatures from its oppression. 6188.

Surah 95: This surah tells that Allah has crated man in the best of molds, but that man is capable of the utmost degradation unless he has Faith and leads a good life.
Allah is wise and just. Therefore the righteous have nothing to fear, but the evil ones cannot escape punishment. 6202.

Surah 96: this surah explains the chief obstacle to the delivery of the message to man, man’s own obstinacy, vanity, and insolence.
Allah teaches us new knowledge at every given moment. Individuals learn more and more day by day; nations and humanity at large learn fresh knowledge at every stage. This is even more noticeable and important in the spiritual world. 6207.
All our knowledge and capacities come as gifts from Allah. But man, in his inordinate vanity and insolence, mistakes Allah’s gifts for his own achievements. The gifts may be strength and beauty, wealth, position, or power, or more subtle gifts of knowledge or talents in individuals,-or Science, or Art, or Government, or Organization for mankind in general. 6208.
The righteous man has no fear. He can disregard all the forces of evil that are brought against him. But he must learn humility: that is his defense. 
He must have the will to bring himself closer to Allah. Man’s humility remove him from being an insolent rebel (victim) on the one hand, and on the other, prepare his Will to realize his nearness to the One. 6216.

Surah 97: The subject-matter is the Night of Power (or Honour), in which Revelation came down to the Prophet for the first time through Angel Gabriel.
One moment of enlightenment under Allah’s Light is better than thousands of months or years of animal life, and such a moment converts the night of darkness into a period of spiritual glory. 6218.

Surah 98: This surah touches that those who reject Truth are impervious to Allah’s Message, however clear may be the evidence in support of it.

Surah 99: This surah refers to the tremendous convulsion and uprooting which will take place when the present order of the world is dissolved and the new world of Justice and Truth takes place. The sign used is that of an earthquake which will shake our present material and phenomenal world to its very foundations. The words in which the earthquake is described are remarkable for both power and graphic aptness. With that shaking, all hidden secrets will be brought to light. 

Surah 100: In the depth of its rhythm and sublimity of its language, this subject-matter is the irresistible nature of spiritual power and knowledge, contrasted with unregenerate man’s ingratitude, pettiness, helplessness, and ignorance.

Surah 101: This Surah describes the Judgment Day as the Day of Clamour, when men will be distracted and the landmarks of this world will be lost, but every deed will be weighed in a just balance, and find its real value and setting.

Surah 102: This Surah gives warning against acquisitiveness, i.e., the passion for piling up quantities or numbers, whether in the good things of this world, or in man-power or in other forms of megalomania, which leave no time or opportunity for pursuing the higher things of life.
The passion for seeking an increase in wealth, position, the number of followers or supporters, mass production, may affect an individual as such, or whole societies or nations. Other people’s rivalry in such things may aggravate the situation. Up to a certain point it may be good, but when it becomes inordinate and monopolizes attention, it leaves no time for higher things in life, and a clear warning is here sounded from a moral point of view. Man may be engrossed in these things till death approaches, and he looks back on a wasted life, as far as the higher things are concerned. 6257.

Surah 103: This Surah refers to the testimony of Time through the Ages. All history show that Evil came to an evil end. But Time is always in favor of those who have Faith, live clean and pure lives, and know how to wait, in patience and constancy.
If he lived only for himself, he would not fulfill his whole duty. Whatever good he has, especially in moral and spiritual life, he must spread among his brethren, so that they may see the Truth and stand by it in patient hope and unshaken constancy amidst all the storm and stress of outer life. For he and they will then have attained Peace within. 6265.

Surah 104: This Surah condemns all sorts of scandal, backbiting, and selfish hoarding of wealth, as destroying the hearts and affections of men.

Surah 105: This surah refers to what happens when intoxicated with power and fired by religious fanaticism.
The lesson is to be drawn twofold: Allah will protect His own; if you persecute the Messenger, will not Allah protect him? For men in all ages it is: ‘a man intoxicated with power can prepare armies and material resources against Allah’s holy Plan; but such a man’s plan will be his own undoing; he cannot prevail against Allah’.

Surah 106: This surah is a pendant to the last, and the gratefulness and adoration of the One True God, and acceptance of His Message.

Surah 107: This Surah touches on the meaning of true worship, which requires Faith, the practical and helpful love of those in need, and sincerity rather than show in devotion and charity.
True worship does not consist in the mere form of prayer, without the heart and mind being earnestly applied to seek the realization of the presence of Allah, and to understand and do His holy Will. 6283.

Surah 108: This Surah sums up in the single meaningful word ‘Abundance’ the doctrine of spiritual Riches through devotion and sacrifice. The converse also follows: indulgence in hatred means the cutting off of all hopes of this life and the Hereafter.
Hatred and spite are not constructive contributions to the work of this world, bur its opposites. 6288.

Surah 109: This Surah defines the right attitude to those who reject Faith: in matters of Truth we can make no compromise, but there is no need to persecute or abuse anyone for his faith or belief.
Faith is a matter of personal conviction, and does not depend on worldly motives. Worship should depend on pure and sincere Faith, but often does not: for motives of worldly gain, ancestral custom, social conventions or imitative instincts, or a lethargic instinct to shrink from enquiring into the real significance of solemn acts and the motives behind them, reduce a great deal of the world’s worship to sin, selfishness, or futility. 6289.

Surah 110: Victory is the crown of service, not an occasion for exultation. All victory comes from the help of Allah.
Every man should humble himself, confess his human frailties, and seek Allah’s grace;-attributing any success that he gets in his work, not to his own merits, but to the goodness and mercy of Allah. But the Prophet of Allah had also another duty and privilege,-to pray for grace and forgiveness for his people in case of them had exulted in their victory or done anything that they should not have done. 6293.

Surah 111: This Surah carries the lesson that cruelty ultimately ruins itself. The man who rages against holy things is burnt up in his own rage. His hands, which are the instruments of his action, perish, and he perishes himself. No boasted wealth or position will save him.

Surah 112: This Surah sums up the Unity of the Godhead-often professed, but frequently mixed up in the popular mind with debasing superstitions.

Surah 113: This Surah provides the antidote to superstition and fear by teaching us to seek refuge in Allah from every kind of ill arising from outer nature and from dark and evil plottings and envy on the part of others.
In Allah’s created world, there are all kinds of forces and counter-forces, especially those put in motion by beings who have been endowed with some sort of will. The forces of good may be compared to light, and those of evil to darkness. Allah can cleave the depths of darkness and produce light, and therefore we should cast off fear and take refuge in divine guidance and goodness. 6301.
Our trust in Allah is the refuge from every kind of fear and superstition, every kind of danger and evil. Three special kinds of mischief are specified against which our best guard is our Trust in Allah: 1) physical dangers, typified by darkness. (2) Physical dangers within us, typified by Secret Arts. 3) Physical dangers from without us, resulting from a perverted will, which seeks to destroy any good that we enjoy. 6303.
Malignant envy seeks to destroy the happiness or the material or spiritual good enjoyed by other people. The best guard against it is trust in Allah with purity of heart. 6306.

Surah 114: This Surah appeals to us to trust in Allah, rather than man. It warns us specially against the secret whispers of evil without our own hearts.
Evil insinuates itself in all sorts of insidious ways from within so as to sap man’s will, which was given to man by Allah. This power of evil may be Satan, or evil men or the evil inclinations within man’s own will: for there are “evil ones among men and Jinn’s, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception”. They secretly whisper evil and then withdraw, to make their net the more subtle and alluring. 6309.

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The source for the best Qur'an I like (free PDF online version i bought for $14) --- ... additionally I HAVE THIS Qur'an saved in PDF format, in my GMAIL EMAIL INBOX (under the subject title: "THE BEST QUR'AN"

Holy Qur`an English Translation of the Meanings & Commentary Hardcover – January 1, 1990 ----


2159. Jews Saturday, Christians Sunday, Muslims Friday
2817. On Palestine’s right to resist
2973. Salloum’s PATH to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Spotless purity in thought, word, and deed, includes the disposition to put the best construction on the motives of others, so that we ascribe no evil motive to the seeming indiscretions of virtuous people. Such a high standard can only come by the grace of Allah, Who hears all prayers and knows all the temptations to which human nature is subject. His Will and Plan make both for spiritual protection and spiritual peace, and we must place ourselves trustingly in His hands.
2997. on “Light”
3059. SALLOUM’s prime achievement for Greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The answer is that the Qur'an teaches spiritual knowledge of what is ordinarily hidden from men's sight, and such knowledge can only come from Allah, to Whom alone is known the secret of the whole Creation. In spite of man's sin and shortcomings, He forgives, and He sens His most precious gift, i.e., the revelation of His Will.
3089. SALLOUM DiamondMind toward Greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Divine knowledge is a fathomless ocean. But glimpses of it can be obtained by any individuals sincerely searching for the Truth. Their progress will be in grades. If they ask questions, and answers are then furnished to them, they are more likely to apprehend the Truth, as they have already explored the part of the territory in which they are interested. In the same way, when concrete questions arise by the logic of events, and they are answered not only for the occasion, but from a general stand-point, the teaching has a far greater chance of penetrating the human intelligence and taking shape in practical conduct. And this is the usual way of instruction in the Qur'an.
3128-30. Crimes against Islam and us (shirk, murder, fornication)
3132. How to deal with vulgar friends
3134. Family’s role in spiritual fulfillment
3135. Qualities of the servants of Allah
3140. Allah’s revelation is meant to train man’s will to conform to Allah’s purpose.
3141. They laugh at Allah’s message of righteousness, but will see the power of Truth which they oppose.
3164. Truth is more powerful than tricks and will expose and destroy them.
3166. The power of Light transforms fear into powerful leadership.
3169. The Children of Israel inherited Palestine, but when they were false to Allah they lost Palestine and the Muslims inherited the land when they were true in Faith.
3173-74. those that are blind cause their own downfall. Humble, persecuted men of faith are transformed.
3178. What Abraham wished for through prayer: Divine wisdom; a righteous heart; spiritual joy.
3180-81. “good deeds” without the motive of purity, are useless. Nothing avails except a pure heart.
3184. The seduction of Evil
3190. The message of Islam shines before the whole world of humanity: publicans and sinners, low-caste men, men of “superior” or “inferior” races
3192. Have patience and constancy against threats, for Allah’s truth with triumph and persevere
3193. The message of Allah is preached, rejected in all ages, and how it triumphs at last
3203. How long will your wealth last, especially if you depress your own people & dishonor Allah’s signs
3205. DON’T SELL OUT: All your talent is well; but cultivates virtue and do not follow the ways of those who put forward extravagant claims for men’s powers and material resources, or who lead lives of extravagance in luxury and self-indulgence; that makes mischief
3238. SALLOUM’S power in poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Poetry and the fine arts which are to be commended are those which emanate from minds steeped in Faith, which try to carry out in life the fine sentiments they express in their artistic work, aim at the glory of Allah rather than at self-glorification or the fulsome praise of men with feet of clay, and do not (as in Jihad) attack anything except aggressive evil. In this sense a perfect artist should be a perfect man. Perfection may not be attainable in this life, but it should be the aim of every man, and especially of one who wishes to become a supreme artist, not only in technique but in spirit and essentials. Among the commendable poets contemporary with the holy Prophet may be mentioned Hassan and Labid: the latter had the honor of being one of the seven whose poems were selected for "hanging" in the Days of Ignorance. 

3239: The scurrilous rhymesters, were doomed to come to an evil end.
3252. on "Knowledge'......  "Knowledge" means such knowledge leads up to the higher things in life, the Wisdom that was shown in their decisions and judgments, and the understanding that enabled them to fulfill their mission in life. They were both just men and prophets of Allah. The Bible, as we have it, is inconsistent: o the one hand it calls David "a man after God's own heart"; and the Christians acclaim Christ as a song of David; but on the other hand, horrible crimes are ascribed to him, which, if he had committed them, would make him a monster of cruelty and injustice. About Solomon, too, while he is described as a glorious king, there are stories of his lapses into sin and idolatry. The Muslim teaching considers them both to be men of piety and wisdom, and high in spiritual knowledge. 
Note 3264 book
3292-93. Reaching Greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3302-3304. Unbelievers are generally materialists
3305-06. Never worry over the unjust – SALLOUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3390. A life of ease and plenty is nothing to boast of
SA1 3418-3419!
3420-3421. A true leader of Allah
3468 (3466)
3470. System of Faith to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3490-3491. On Death…
3513. Worldly power
3517. The Realm of Death
3522. Cycle of life and death
3574. Truth v fiction
3578. Haters = diamondMind
3572. Sa1 to be a strong lion. Righteous vanguard of 1ness
3573. Israel’s self-inflicted wrath, Saudis
3558. Evil’s fate articulated
3559. Warding off Evil
3549. Humble & gracious to Allah for my gifts and blessings.
3548. The demeanor sa1loum shall vibrate
3541. Human nature v. condition of society
3540. Sa1, blessed among the knowers
3543. Freedom of mind, thought, form, spirit
3537. sa1: leader of unity
3531. Logical nature of the universe
3526. Masculine and feminine
3527. Evolution of the world
3524. Genius of creation
3520. Good and evil
3510. Have Faith.
3594. Moral Law is for man’s own good
3595. True human wisdom is divine wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3597. How to treat parents.
3604. Philosophy of life!!!!!!!! Golden mean… In all things be moderate. Patience is to give you constancy and determination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3605. Intentions, genius
3606. Reason of faith. Allah’s grace works for us at ALL times. Sometimes we see, sometimes we do not.
3611. Do not grieve………….
3617. The magnitude of Allah
3619. Knowledge of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3620. Talents, gifts from Allah
3624. Nature of Satan. Satan makes us forget that time is fleeting.
3623. Born alone, will die alone
3629. Purpose of the Qur’an
3635. Allah provides for our dreams, wishes, & shortcomings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Allah's attributes, then, may be summed up with reference to Knowledge, Power, and Mercy. Where our knowledge is partial and uncertain, His is complete and certain. Where our power often falls short of the carrying out of our will, or needs the help of Time, His is complete and conterminous with His Will. Where our mercy seems to be bounded by or opposed to justice, His is absolute and unconditioned. 
3640. The divine gift is earned by the complete man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As a complete man he gets the higher faculties. The five animals senses I understand to be included in the third stage. But in the fourth stage he rises higher, and is addressed in the second person, "you," instead of the third person "him'. He has now the spiritual counterpart of hearing *(i.e., the capacity of hearing Allah's Message) and seeing (i.e., the inner vision), and feeling the nobler heights of love and undrestanding the bearings of the inner life (both typified by the Heart). Yet with all these gifts, what thanks does unregenerate or corrupted man give to Allah?
3655. Don’t be a hardened sinner, SALLOUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #broads   .... The worst and most hardened sinner is the man to whom Allah's Signs are actually brought home and who yet prefers Evil and turns away from the Light of Allah. The Signs may be in the words of guidance of a great Teacher or in some minor sorrow or warning, which he disregards with contumely. Or it may be in a catastrophic blow to his conscience, which should open his eyes, but from which he deliberately refuses to profit. The penalty-the Nemesis-must necessarily come eventually. 
3656. From Moses’ Torah, to Jesus’ Bible, to Muhammad’s Qur’an.
3658-59. when goodness ceases, Grace is withdrawn from individuals & nations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3660. Israel’s fate…karmic repercussions
3662. The dead man is revived by Allah’s revelation. He becomes an asset to himself, & to those around him.
3667. Script of action amidst times of war/conflict!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    In the most adverse circumstances, in the midst of the assaults of Evil, the plots of treason and hypocrisy, the darts of slanders and false charges, and stupid superstitions and taboos, the Prophet of Allah should steer his course steadily according to Allah's Law and not fear human evil, in whatever form is appears. Men may midjudge, but Allah knows all. Men may try to overthrow Good, but Wisdom is with Allah. 
3677. Fate, destiny of self
3687-88. Cowardice
3693. Hypocrites (7 points elaborated upon)
3696. Achieving Greatness ......... This is contract to what the Hypocrites said in verse 12 above. The divine promise of help and success is contigent upon our striving and faith. Nothing comes to the poltroon and the sceptical idler. Dangers and difficulties, and conflict with Evil, are fortold us, and we must meet them with fortitude and courage. 
3697. Warrior for Truth .......... In the fight for truth were (and are) many who sacrificed their all-resources, knowledge, influence, life itself-in the Cause, and never wavered. If they won the crown of maryrdom, they were blessed. Such a one was Sa'd ibn Mu'az, the chief of the Aus tribe, the intrepid standard-bearer of Islam, who died of a wound he had received in the Battle of the Trench. Other heroes fought valiantly and lived, always ready to lay down their lives. Both classes were staunch: they never changed or wavered. 
3707. Condition of well-doers
3714. Obey Allah’s Law
3720. Righteous conduct
3723. Incompatible marriage
3729. Self-Purpose
3730. Ignore others’ opinions
3732. Blessings
3734. Purpose of Prophet Muhammad
3736. The Light of Islam
3737. They that obstruct
3748. Impact of Marriage
3755. Social ethics
3756. Respect to ladies…
3757. Respect Prophet Muhammad
3763. Ill-accusation, affliction
3766. Purpose of Hijab
3768-70. Evil/hypocrite intention
3771. ((SA1 salvation))
3773. ((Warning to Sa1))
3775. Honest communication!
3776. ((SA1 salvation))
3777. ((SA1 aims and goals))
3779. ((SA1: anoint winner))
3781. ((the ‘1’ in SA1)
3783-84. ((SA1 salvation))
3795. Reality of Afterlife
3802. Fighting
3808. Power & strength
3819. Happiness
3821-24. Might test
3827-3828. wrong and right
3830. ummah/oneness
3831. Happiness
3838-39. “illuminati”
3841-43. materialism
3845-46. Happiness

3851-52. Jinn worship
3854. False worship
3857. Crowd mentality
3858-59. prophet’s mission
3860-62. Allah’s truth
3863-66. denial of Truth
3871. Angels duties
3874. Centre of Allah
3877-78. Deception of Evil
3879. True to self-reward
3880-82. Absolute evil; hope
3883. The work of Evil
3884-86. Mysteries
3888-90. Water cycle, bliss
3892. Moon & sun
3893-96. false aims & fancies
3899. Allah’s creative energy
3901. Misleading delusions
3902. My wish on Isa’s grave
3904-05. Citizen v outlaw (sa1 – 2pac)
3906-07. Message & punishes
3910-13. Natural beauty
3914. Steps toward the light
3915. Charity
3916. Life ‘perfection’ in fault
3918. Unity of messengers
3920. Muslim traits [vary]
3921-24. Achieve bliss [goal]
3929. Allah knows all
3936. Two reasons vs. Truth
3937. Three evil dealings
3941. Man on this planet
3958. Messengers/Message

4021. The mental masturbation of philosophy & critique of Epitome Perennial
4032-33. Special reading experience
4036. Allah reign supreme in earthly Hollywood too
4040. life after death
4086. A sound heart: a heart that is pure, and unaffected by the diseases that afflict others
4167. Inspiring
4177. ((SA1))
4182. ((SA1))
4239. “Muntiqalla” – what I used to mumble to self @GMU.
Is this me w/ john e mack & epitome perennial stature? Nah… I do for truth and not ulterior motives of mine.
4190. ((SA1))
4207. Interesting
4209-4210. Happiness, Wife… Success = friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4228. ((SA1))
4229. ((SA1))
4238. My Jesus Tomb Prayer in ‘98 ... also see   5856.
4306-08. Death
4443. Saved from becoming a victim
4444. Forms of existence
4446. Dispute signs of Allah
4450. Mazes of error
4451. Moment of degradation
4448. Superstition limits self-creation
4454. Messengers therein
4455. Signs seen/unseen
4458. Knowledge of the past
4481. Greater materialism = greater sin… The greater the material civilization, the greater the arrogance.
4487. Misuse of the body & our mind
4496. Countering revelation
4498. Qualities of sin, evil
4499. Eternal life success
4503. Better in speech ((SALLOUM – 3 points)) ........  Better in speech: i.e., speaks better counsel; or is more worthy of being listened to. That his word reaches the highest mark of human speech is evidenced by three facts: (1) that he calls all to the Truth of Allah, showing that his thoughts are not centered on himself; (2) every deed of his is righteousness, showing that there is no divergence between his preaching and his conduct; and (3) he completely associates himself with the Will of Allah, showing that he is the full embodiment of Islam. What a fine description of the holy Prophet.

4504. Message of Islam LEADERS  / hip-hop cultural potential! ....... You do not "return" good for evil, for there is no equality or comparison between the two. You repel or destroy evil with something which is far better, just as an antidote is better than poison. You foil hatred with love. You repel ignorance with knowledge. (You repel) folly and wickedness with the friendly message of Revelation. The man who was in the bondage of sin, you not only liberate from sin, but make him your greatest friend and helper in the cause of Allah! Such is the alchemy of the Word of Allah. 
4506. Patience & self-restraint!
4522-4523. My current test.
4524 A-B-C. Brings light to my dreams and patience to my worries…
4528. Inspiration.
4529. Distance between Allah and his noblest creatures (angels).
4431. The noblest creatures of Allah (angels) and their characteristics.
4536. The lesson from Allah to human intellect.
4538. Trust through sincerity.
4540. Allah’s gifts to His creatures vary according to his Wisdom.
4541. Allah’s Message is the same as was given to all Prophets of the past. Islam is an “established” institution, not a vague suggestion.
4542. The formation of sects is against the principle of Allah’s message and Unity. The solution: strive for steadfast in duty and faith, and unity among all.
4546. Islam came to unite the Jews and Christians.
4547.-4548. Mission of Islam
4555. Advantages of spiritual tilth.
4557. The punishment of wrong-doing upon self.
4558. Ease and happiness granted to all who are good-hearted.
4562. Truth vs. Falshood
4564. Spiritual advancement
4565. The luck and granted bounties of this life (from Allah)
4567. Allah’s unexpected gifts in Divine Creative time.
4568. The unity & diversity of life creatures
4569. Extra-terrestrial / alien existence
4570. What is ‘evil’
4571. Forever there is infinite hope in Allah’s grace
4572. Parable of a ship captain reaping what he sows
4576. Nine gifts of Allah’s presence
4580. Against oppression / occupation
4581. Hatred into friendship by forgiveness and love
4585. Of men seek lower than the higher law
4594. Hypocrisy in self unto Allah’s gift
4596. Allah’s meaning in all things to carry out His purpose
4597.-4599. Allah’s creative acts. Allah’s 3 ways of communicating with man.
4598. Inspiration; how ‘Epitome Perennial’ was inspired to my tongue
4601. Prophet Muhammad’s state upon receiving the Revelation of the Qur’an
4603. The Straight Way, the way of Allah, is the Way of the Universal Law
4606. The Qur’an is made in Arabic
4608. Allah sent Prophet after Prophet
4609. Rebellion leads to destruction
4611. The Power of Allah and Al-Qur’an
4614. All happenings occur “in due measure”
4620-4621. Blasphemy to attribute offspring to Allah
4625. Countering truth with slippery authority
4628. “Privileged position” creates falsehood and hypocrisy, not ancestral custom
4629. Disbelievers destroy themselves despite witnessing the Messenger
4634-35. World judges by its own low standards (riches, as opposed to spiritual-knowledge)
4636-37. Jewelry hinders more than it helps
4638-40. Evil’s snares spiral downwards… The downward course of evil is rapid. But the most tragic consequence is that evil persuades its victims to believe that they are pursuing good.
4655. Mind state of materialists
4659-63. the stature of Jesus
4664. The preaching of Islam as a Universal Faith
4665. Do not stall toward following the right path. The time is Now.
4667. The epitome of faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4673. The reasoning behind why the wrong-doers suffer
4676. Truth is bitter to shams and falsehood
4677. The constancy of Truth
4681. We return to Allah
4692. Allah hears sincere prayer
4693. Sturdy faith
4695-96. the famine warnings
4697. The backlash toward Muhammad
4699. Allah gives trials!!!!!!!!!!!
4700. The fall of the prideful
4706. Do not oppress the messengers
4707-14. Moses, Egyptians, Israelites
4715. The Himyuar, ancient race
4716. The fate of Himyuar, Yaman
4717. All creation is for a wise and just purpose
4718-19. Day of sorting out, decision
4720. Allah’s mercy is able and willing
4722. Zaqqum – the food of the sinful
4723. Arrogance from place, power, wealth, honor
4727. Petty feelings of jealousy
4725. The righteousness will be in a position of security
4728-31. Rewards for the righteous
4732-33. Salvation in Islam
4734. Understanding the Qur’an
4737-39. Three (3) types of signs for those who believe
4743-45. Four (4) penalties for the disbelievers
4746. Ocean’s blessings unto humans on Earth
4753. Israel… “The chosen”
4754. The fall and decline of the Jews – envy amongst themselves
4757. Follow the right path, guidance
4759. The righteous receive Allah’s grace
4760. The Universal government is Just
4761. Man receives his utmost potential via Allah’s Law
4763. The materialist’s conjecture falsity
4764. Allah is in command of life and death
4765. The recording Angel captures all that ye do/intend
4766-72. the estate of the arrogant
4773. Unto Allah belongs the majesty of heavens and the earth
4776. The reality of all that exists
4780. The disbelievers call truth ‘sorcery’
4781-82. Knowledge!!!!!!!!! (About Prophet Muhammad’s authenticity/purpose)
4783-85. Arabs are foolish/too prideful
4787. To serve Allah
4788. Allah protects us from grief and fear
4790-4793. Pregnancy and kinship
4794-4795. you reap what you sow
4796. Greed
4801-02. the punishment for evil
4804-05. the gifted faculties given by Allah
4809. A company of Jinns listened to the Qur’an being recited
4811. Believe in the Truth and receive Grace
4812. Allah “The Creator”
4815. on the subject of ‘time’
4816. The Messenger’s duty
4817. Allah is the source of all energy
4818. Righteousness and Truth prevails
4819. Do not fancy the world, and be at Peace
4820-25. the Art of War
4829. Evils ends with evil
4833. Drinks (4) in the afterlife
4838. The spiritual ladder of progression
4840. Repent now to alleviate the reap of the sow
4843. Real v fake believers
4844-46. Defense of truth
4848-54. the phonies and fakes
4855. Tests from Allah
4856. Life experience reveals our true self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4857. I could lose, or win. Up to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4859. Good must prevail… Allah’s plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4860. Spiritual and materialism, finding balance
4861. suicide bomber passage… important perspective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4863. The fight for the cause is positive/constructive, not ill-intentioned
4865. Allah replaces and grants glory to others more fit, if I/we fail to deliver
Pg 1573: Victory comes from… copy the rest of this
4870. Degree in faith
4872. Calm courage
4875. Knowledge plans, and power executes
4876. Prophet Muhammad’s purpose and legacy
4882. Allah’s Justice will punish; Allah’s mercy will forgive
4883. The meaning and purpose of ‘Jihad’
4889-90. the act of war
4899. The rise of Islam as a world power, morally and spiritually
4905. Allah’s wise and holy Will and Plan
4912-14. Islam will reign, acts of the Believers
4915. The physiognomy of the believers
4916. The Torah is corrupt.
4917. The organic growth of Islam
Sura 57: 20 --- The truth about this world.
Sura 57: 22 --- Fate / It was written.
4919-20. Respect the leader whom Allah has set forth
4922. Good manners arise from the heart
4924. be cautious of where and from who you receive information
4927. Islam among quarrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4928. The enforcement of the Ummah is the greatest social ideal
4929-30. Respect all! Do not laugh at or ridicule others
4931. Suspicion, spying, and backbiting is forbidden
4933. We created you from a single pair, & made you into nations and tribes
4934-35. Islam requires the complete submission of one’s being
4936-37. Islam illuminates the heart, and brings guidance
4943. The Earth only takes away the body; it has no power over the soul… The Earth only corrupts and takes away the body when they are dead; it has no power over the soul. The full account of the soul’s doings is in Allah’s record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4945. The greatest philosophers look up to the sky in Awe
4952. Allah is nearer to a man than the man’s own jugular vein
4953. Two angels, one on each shoulder
4955. Mans’ eyes open in the next world: death is a gateway
4956-57. Judgment day is heralded with the blowing of the Trumpet
4968. The ideal physical world versus the Hereafter
4969. “Righteousness”
4971. The true meaning of Islam: Peace, Security, Salutation, & accord with Allah’s Plan in all Eternity
4972. To achieve our wishes & desires, there is something still wanting which is supplied by Allah
4973. The end of Sin
4975. about (my) dreams, wishes, & aspirations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4978. The best times to individually remember Allah
4981. There will be neither time nor space in the Hereafter
4984. The collection of souls & information in the Hereafter is easy for Allah
4985. The task of Prophet(s) of Allah
4986. 90 “Winds” metaphors
4992. “Deen” defined
4993. The workings of the cosmic life/planets
4998. Gardens & springs: the highest satisfaction & bliss
5001. Charity, & its meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See KRS-one notes on Charity = trust =money).
5002. Signs of Allah are in all of nature & within man
Pg. 1587, mutual respect & confidence is a duty and a privilege in Islam
5003. Spiritual sustenance comes from divine aid, grace, & good news & warnings
5008. Hospitality meaning & symbolism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5016-17. Moses & Pharaoh wisdoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5018. Ad people storyline (gifted people, but defied Allah)
5019-20. Thamud & their prophet Salih
5025. Everything has its counterpart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5027. If you understand nature & yourself, you will know that Allah is the Truth
5028. The Prophet’s mission
5030. The ways of Evil, in dealing w/ the teachers of Truth are similar in all ages
5031. Continue to teach even if rejected by some
5032. Creation is with purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5035. Learn from the past to change now & succeed in the future
2654. Patience…
5049-51. Awards of the righteous
5069. How creation was created, us…
5071. Treasures of knowledge through Allah is infinite
5077. A God other than Allah?
5081!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The messenger of Allah must strive his utmost to proclaim the Message of Allah: as for results, it is not for him to command them. He must wait patiently, in the knowledge that he is not forgotten by Allah, but is contantly under Allah's eyes,-under His loving care and protection. And he must glroify Allah's name, as he is a standard-bearer of Allah's Truth.
5083. Dawn is a miracle, full of spiritual influences & testimony
5085. The Pleiades Star cluster
5086. Three charges made against Prophet Muhammad (swt)
5087-90. Revelation given by Angel Gabriel
5091. Heart is (the lender of our) intelligence & feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5095-97. Blasphemy & idolatry
5098-99. Lusts of men’s hearts
5104. Men w/ materialistic minds are bounded by sex and material things, and will not go beyond those things. While persons w/ a spiritual outlook are on the right Path in attaining their full ideals. Shun those with materialist minds. They have limited knowledge & grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5105. All actions have their consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5106-07. Allah acts according to our will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5108. Loyal to Islam
5110-11. Lost books of Moses, Abraham
5114. Patience…  salloum on the mic ! .... The second and third aphorisms are that man must strive, or he will gain nothing; and that if he strives, the result must soon appear in sight and he will find his reward in full measure.

5115. All hope should be in Allah… Fear not of man!
5118. Wealth & material gain (how to obtain wealth through spirituality)
5119. Magnificent star, Sirius
5120-21. Historic punishments of sinful peoples
5122. Allah sends revelations to help you on your path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5123. Messengers teach & lead mankind into unity & righteousness!!!!!!!!
5124. Act, & Allah will help guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5125. This life is serious & important… Shun frivolities. Understand Allah to understand the self & fellow men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5135. Noah’s Ark
5136. The good-hearted are rewarded even if outcastes by society!
5139. Allah helps those whom the world rejects & despises!
5142. Do not pity the wrongdoers
5143. The Qur’an sums up the highest philosophy on Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5145. Sinner’s sin on account of their own complacent confidence
5146-47. Messenger of God is one among the many, & different from them, although raised among
5150. WATER turning into a business through salesmanship
5155. “Giving Thanks” to Allah meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surah 54, v 17, 22, 40:  dope … verse 49-50, dope ending
5158-59. the down-fall of the Egyptians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5160. Unjust men have lost their true values
5162. The Face is the symbol of personality (physiognomy)
5163. The divine workings of the Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5164. In Allah’s command, the word “Be” is but a single Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5165. Wicked men oft rely on their own strength, but do not stand a moment against Allah’s Will
5167. Everything – good or evil – gives rise to an inevitable chain of consequences… cause & effect
5168. Honorees of Truth will shine whilst living righteously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2448. That is, those who prided themselves on their works in this life, and now find that those works are of no avail. Their loss is all the greater because they had a misplaced confidence in their own deeds or in the assistance of false "protectors". Allah is the only Protector: no one else's protection is of any use.
2449: Many people have such a smug sense of self-righteousness that while they go on doing wrong, they think that they are acquiring merit. So, in charity, all the elements that make for outward show or selfishness (as to get some worldly advantage) nullify the deed of charity. In the same way hypocrites sometimes affect to be surprised that their declared effort for somebody's good is not appreciated, when they are really seeking some hidden gain or false glory for themselves. The sincere are only those who believe in their spiritual responsibility and act as in Allah's sight.
2450. What weight can be attaached to works behind which the motives are not pure, or are positively evil? They are either wasted or count against those who seek to pass them off as meritorious!
2451. False motives, pretence, deception, and hypocrisy, flourish because people do not take the higher life seriously. In effect they treat it as a jest. Signs and Messengers are sent as a special and personal Mercy from Allah.
2453. The Words and Signs and Mercies of Allah are in all Creation, and can never be fully set out in human language, however extended our means may be imagined to be.
2454. Righteousness and true respect for Allah-which excludes the worship of anything else, whether idols, or deified men, or forces of nature, or faculties of man, or Self-these are the criteria of true worship.
5172. Revelation
5173. Revelation, messengership
5174. Universal Laws creates order & benefit…the sun & the moon
5177. “Justice” is connected to the heavens
5178. be straight, just, & honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5179. Earths’ vegetable & plant world
5180. Justice is the conciliation of two opposites to Unity
5181-82. Men versus Jinn
5184. Two easts, two wests
5186. On sea pearls and coral
5187. Intelligence & science is given to man by Allah, therefore ships are also gifts of Allah
5189. All the great works of man & nature will come to pass eventually, Allah will endure forever
5190. Generosity (self-given) + Honor (endowed upon by others) = nobility “in the fact of Allah’s eternity is the hope of our future”
5191-92. ALL depends upon Allah’s energy and essence, and His working shows at every month
5194. Jinn & men will be addressed for all deeds, good & bad
5195. The signs of Allah are all about you
5208. The toil & fatigue of this life will be over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5205-21. Description of Heaven, & gifts given
5222. The end, Hour of Judgment is surely real in existence
5223. Degrees of righteous rankings & sinful degrees
5224. Life after Earth/Life after death
5226. Prophets & messengers have reached the highest degree in spiritual understanding
5228. The messenger’s teaching is the sum & flower of all mankind’s spiritual experience
3031. Champions of Islam are champions of this Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5233. Beauty & Grace is one of the highest pleasures of this life
5240. Maidens in Heaven
5244. Wealth and self-indulgence may lead to humiliation
5249. Allah created man’s body, not man himself
5250. Allah gives life, & other forms after death
5251. Allah creates our external nature which we neither have the power to produce nor control
5252-56. sowing & reaping; sweet water & salt water; streams to oceans to clouds to rain; fire fueled by trees.
5257. Seeing all the signs in nature, Man must turn to Allah and do His Will.
5270. “Peace, Peace!” is addressed to those nearest to Allah
5272. “Life after Death” satisfactorily explains inequalities and injustices. One of the strongest features of Faith.
5274. Iron is the emblem of strength and reliability. Real virtues: humility, whole-heartedness, charity.
5276. All is evident in His existence, and hidden in so far as intellect cannot grasp his essence.
5278. Allah’s creation in six days & His resting on the 7th day.
5281. Power, wealth, influence, involves added responsibility to the persons receiving these advantages. They must be more zealous in real charity.
5291. The wall that divides Good from Evil
5292-93. Evil’s ways of workings
5295. Humility and the remembrance of Allah and His Message are never more necessary than in the hour of victory and prosperity
5296. On Jews and the Christians, & Allah only favors those who are righteous!!!!!!!!!!!
5297. Allah’s Truth will revive (your) the spiritual faculties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5299. The four categories constituting the beautiful company of Faith: the Prophets who teach, the sincere lovers of Truth, the Martyrs, the Righteous who do good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5300-01. The Martyrs carry the banner of Truth against all odds and in all positions of danger; pen, speech, deed, counsel.
5302. “The Game” in this life – this world is but play and amusement.
5303. Allah’s mercies are open to all.
5305. Vanities of this world are but nets set by Satan to deceive man. The only real is the Good Life lived in the light of Allah.
5308. Misfortunes may strike… All of this happens according to the Plan of Allah.
5310. The righteous man does not grumble if someone else has possessions, nor covet nor boast if he has them.
That aliens do exist: surah 42:29; Surah 65:12; Surah 17:70.
5311-12. be not covetous nor boisterous.
5313. Three gifts from Allah: Book- revelation, Balance- justice, Iron- strong arm of Law
5317. The Journey towards fulfillment.
5320. Christianity, an imperfect philosophy
5321. Allah’s kingdom requires courage, resistance to evil, firmness, law, and disciplining justice. It requires men shall mingle with men to uphold Truth. These were lost sight of in monasticism.
5322. Allah’s service is done through pure lives in the turmoil of this world
5323. Many lose faith to superstitions.
5324. The decline & degradation of Christianity.
5326. Christian converts to Islam will be duly recognized.
5329. Allah’s Grace is controlled by no single person or race, and is free to whom he dispenses, according to His Will w/ no limit. “ye are the best Ummah brought forward to Islam so in order to receive His Grace, one should submit to Islam.
5340-41. Allah knows what’s in your heart
5343-44. the salutation of Allah is “Peace!” But the enemies use words similar to trick. Suleiman  Sully
5345. Secrecy ordinarily implies deeds of darkness, but there are good deeds which may be concerted and done in secret.
5346. Evil has purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5349. Leadership, rank, and degree depends on true knowledge and insight.
5350. When ye consult the messenger in private, notice ye’s intentions.
5354-56. Jews against Islam.
5357. A false man declaring himself true is all the more heinous.
5358-59. arrogant boasting; they must learn the worthlessness of their falsehood.
5360. Man’s journey toward evil… Man’s original nature is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5363. Believe in Allah’s goodness, justice, and all true values
5367. The Party of Satan.
5369-76. the story of Banu Nadhir…
5378. Allah accomplishes His Purpose in various ways. In some cases the Godly attain their objective without actually fighting, and in other cases a fight is necessary.
5379. The Jews and taking land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5382-83. Brotherhood in action!
5384. Pray that you may be purified of any desire to disparage or to feel any jealousy on account of other Muslims’ successes or good fortune.
5389. Being unbelievers, they fear you more than they fear Allah; because your valor they see. They do not believe in Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5390. The unbelievers, they have not sufficient self-confidence or clan to sustain them in a fight except under material advantages.
5391. It may be that they have a strong fighting spirit among themselves but they have no Cause to fight for (and no common objective to achieve)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (on Jews being jealous of Arabs).
5392. We must learn to be on our guard against the consequences of treachery and sin. No (chance/serendipitous) alliances with other men of (wickedness/immorality) can or will save us.
5393. Evil temps man in all sorts of ways. And presents seductive promises and alliances to delude him into the belief that he will be saved from the consequences… an apt smile.
5394-95. “Fear of Allah” true meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5400. The attributes of Allah which give us the fundamental basis on which we can form some idea of Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5402. Definitions of “The Soverign”, “Salaam”, “The Holy One”, “Guardian of Faith”, “Preserver of Safety”.
5403. Allah is Good, His Will prevails, He is Supreme.
5405. Allah’s creative energy. He fashions and evolves to various laws which he has established.
5409. Take not enemies of Allah as close-friends. They have rejected the Truth that has come to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  alpesh, Saudi’s, Andrew park (Harry’s Asian friend).
5411. Beware of Treasoning your own people for the sake of joining the enemies of Truth. They will eventually injure and slander you.
5413. Abraham was tender-hearted; when his father and his people became open enemies of Allah, Abraham entirely disassociated himself from them.
5414. We must give no chance to Evil for working Evil on our Ummah. The enemies of Allah hate the Righteous.
5417. (here the pray is that) we should be saved from becoming so weak as to tempt the Unbelievers to try to attach & destroy us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5419. Allah is independent of all wants. The Creator’s attributes are inherently deserving of praise.
5420. Apparent hatred or enmity may be due to ignorance or over-zeal in a soul. We should hate evil, but not men as such.
5421. Even unbelievers, unless they are rampant and out to destroy us and our Faith, we should deal kindly and equitably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5422-24. The Marriage of believing women with non-Muslims.
5425. Unbelieving women in a Muslim society would only be a clog and a handicap.
5426. Dowry contingencies in dealing w/ Pagan custom.
5427. Women entering Islam, from Pagan society to Muslim society... Specific direcions!!!!!!!!!!
Islam requires strict discipline. But not slavishness.
O ‘ye who believe! Do not turn to (for friendship) people on whom is the Wrath of Allah
5428. Sincere repentance deserves forgiveness. Allah forgives in such cases: how can man refuse to?
5429. We should not turn for friendship & intimacy to those who break Allah’s Law and are outlaws.
5430. The unbelievers who do not believe in a Future Life have no hope beyond this life. Those of Faith may suffer in this life, but this life is to them only a fleeting shadow that will pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allah’s Glory shines through All Creation: what discipline can you show to back your words w/ actions.
Help the Cause and Allah’s Help will come with Glorious results.
5431. The need for unshaken discipline if we are to receive the help of Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5432. At Uhud: there was disobedience and a breach of discipline. People had talked much but failed to back their words w/ firmness in action.
5433. Proper form in battle array… discipline, cohesion, courage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5434. The people of Moses rebelled, vexed His spirit and insulted Him. The Ummat of Islam should remember to avoid any deviation from Allah’s Law and Will.
5435. The Sinner’s own Will is what shuts off Allah’s grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5436. The mission of Jesus was to his own people, the Jews.
5439. The miracles of Muhammad’s influential character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5440. To uphold falsehoods and debasing superstitions, Allah sends His guidance freely, but withdraws His Grace from those who willfully do wrong.
5441. A foolish, ignorant person with their mouths “babble and crackle” of ignorance against Allah’s Truth. The more they try to quench Allah’s Light, the clearer it shines to shame them.
5442. There is only one true Religion; preached by Moses and Jesus, Abraham, Noah, & all the Prophets, by whatever name it may be called. Truth must prevail above all.
5443-44. Strive your utmost in the Cause of Allah. It is truly a wonderful bargain: what we are asked to give is so little; what we are promised in return is so much.
5445. All life is a striving or struggle,- the spiritual life even more than any other.
5446. If we seek Allah’s help, we must first help Allah’s Cause; dedicate ourselves to Him.
5448. ~The Greatness & Everlastment of Islam~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5453. Allah cares for all of His subjects, including the meanest and most ignorant.
5457-59. The children of Israel (Jews)
5461-62. The Day of Assembly… Fridays for Muslims, Jewish Sabbath (Saturday), and Christian Sunday.
5464. Prosperity is not to be measured by wealth or worldly gains. There is a higher prosperity in the health of the mind and the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5465. Do not be distracted by the craze for amusement or gain.
5466. The hypocrite element in society is a source of weakness and danger.
5468. Double-dealing fogs the heart. The heart is the seat of understanding and affection.
5469. They, the Hypocrites are plausible people. Their flattery & deception knows no bounds. As they have no deception, nothing that they say or do is worth anything.
5470. The Hypocrites are like rotten timber. They have no firm character themselves, and for others they are unsafe props to rely on.
5471. The hypocrites- such men are worse than open enemies.
5474. It is goodness that produces strength and prosperity… And Allah holds the keys of the treasures of man’s well-being.
5476. Riches are but fleeting… “Remembrance of Allah” includes every act of service & goodness, every kind thought & kind deed; if we fail in this it stunts our own spiritual growth.
5477. Whatever good we enjoy comes from Allah, & it is our duty to use some of it in the service of others; charity and the service of Allah… Every present moments calls urgently for its good deed. Death may come suddenly on us.
5478. Procrastination is itself a fault; when our limited time of probation (dunya) is over, nor will more time be given to us.
5479. ALL THINGS (by their very existence) proclaim the Glory of Allah.
5480. Evil happenings (upon a man) allows man to rise higher and higher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5483. +5501. Mathematics is not the language of the universe. Intention is. “All thoughts, motives, feelings, ideas, & events are known to Him”.
5481. Man (God’s creation), has been endowed with special aptitudes, faculties, & excellences which make him the best vicegerent on earth.
5482. All things created, not only of mankind, Return to Allah; since all things derive their origin from Him.
5486. Allah sends His Message for the Greatness of Mankind… Man naturally suffers by unheeding His Wisdom.
5487. on our Actions in this world being reflected upon our spirits in the next world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5489. Men who thought they were acquiring good by wrong-doing will find their efforts were wasted; the despised ones doing good will be the accepted ones there. The persecuted righteous will be in eternal happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5490. “Remove from them their ills”. Sins, faults, mistakes, or evil tendencies may be changed into opportunities for spiritual advancement upon sincere Faith as evidenced by repentance/amendment!!!!!
5491. “Gardens”- the place of Highest Bliss. Have Gardens, flowers, plants ALL AROUND my abode when I grow up. 
5492. What we consider calamities can be blessings in disguise. There is justice and wisdom according to His great Universal Plan. Our duty is to find out our short-comings, and remedy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sura 64, Verse 14: O ye who believe! – Truly, among your wives and your children are (some That are) enemies to yourself. So beware of them! If ye forgive and overlook, Verily Allah is of your side.
5500-02. Giving Love, or charity brings it back manifold to us… Allah judges based upon our intention in our heart.
5504. page 1763 – on Divorce!!!!!! Of all things permitted by Allah’s Law, divorce is the most hateful.
5505-07 (+5513) (+5516-19). Divorce must take place at the right time & under the most feasible circumstances.
5508. The means to go about divorcing is detailed here ya walad.
5509-10. Divorce legalities should be carried out fairly & sincerely. Transparency is important.
5511. Sincerity to be fair, true, and just during divorce proceedings is more important than settling for the “wisdom of jurists”.
5512. We must persevere, for Allah’s Will is true, just, & of perfect proportion.
5515. Allah’s Will is straight forward & awe-uplifting (if we do our prescribed intentions heartedly)!!!!!!!
5520. When dealing with financial & personal difficulties, Allah will grant us relief if we act with honest integrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5521. Kindness & consideration form the basis of our social duties… Our duties to our families/ children are as important as any in our spiritual life… People who forgot the moral law in marriage, or family life perished in this world… #Blacks in ghettos. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surah 64, Verse 13: Allah! There is no God but He: on Allah, let the believers put their Trust.
5493. The Messenger guides [clear] & Teaches [unambiguous], not to force & compel. Open & free to all.
5494. Tactfulness in relations among kin. The demands of family (wife & kids) may conflict w/ man’s moral and spiritual duties. He must guard against the abandonment of his convictions, ideals. But must make reasonable provision… If they persist in opposing Him, he must forgive them & not expose them to shame or ridicule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5495. Forgive & overlook – (forgiveness)
5496. Children may be a trial in many senses: (1) (2) (3) (4)… so also riches (& worldly goods) have their advantages, (& dangers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5497. “fear Allah”, “as much as you can”, means, lead a Life of (discipline) self-restraint and righteousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5498. Charity… to do well, to help other people who need it. It purifies the giver’s soul; the affection that he pours out is of spiritual benefit.
5499. Our worst enemy is ourself. The selfishness which would deprive others of their rights. If we can get over this covetousness, we achieve real prosperity in justice and truth!!!!!!!!!!! On Israel by default.
5500-02. Our Love to others increases our rank, for increased service in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5524. There is no valid excuse for us to go astray.
5525. The state of the Unbelievers
5526-27. Seven Firmaments (the number 7).

5533-34. Maintaining one’s integrity in agreement, divulgence of information.

5535: Divine and earthly protection was Granted to Prophet Muhammad. The General lesson for us is that the good man’s protection is that of the moral forces around him; it is divine protection, against which human weakness or folly will have no power.

5536: ON WIFE: In the case of all consorts: the virtue expected of them: faith and devotion, worship and service, readiness for travel or hijrat… The virtues of all consorts, their duties are higher than those of other women.

I enjoy reading the qur’an to instrumentals. Naturally, I learn to flow the text to the rhythm. A rap reader!

5537. Spiritual virtues in descending order: submitting their wills (Islam); faith and devotion; turning over to worship and faith; performing other rites; being content, perhaps, with asceticism. This applies to all women, maiden girls, or women of maturity who were widows or separated from previous husbands by divorce.

5538. We must carefully guard not only our own conduct but the conduct of our families, & of all who are near and dear to us. The issues are the most serious, & the consequences of a fall are most terrible.

5539. The ghettos are with men/boys who are hard-hearted as stones.

5540!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angel nature; gentle and beautiful: justice, fidelity, discipline, & the firm execution of duty according to lawful commands.

5541. You reap what you sow… this is no hardship or injustice imposed on you. It is the result of your own deliberate choice.

5543. Repent & abandon petty jealousies. Allah will remove your difficulties and distresses.

5544. The darkness of evil will be dispelled and the light of Allah will be realized.

All sets forth, for an example to the unbelievers, the wife of Noah and the Wife of Lut, under two of our righteous servants but they betrayed their husbands.

5548: They (the wives) had the high privilege of the most intimate relationship with the noblest spirits of their age: but they could not plead that they were the wives of pious husbands. They had ot enter Hell like any other wicked women.

5549!!!!!!!!!!!! The four perfect women to ever live: 1) Asiya, Pharaoh’s wife. 2)Mary, mother of Jesus. 3) Khadija, wife of Muhammad. 4) Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter.

5552: Mary’s virgin birth to Jesus.

5553: While sex is a fact of our physical existence, the sexes should act in harmony & co-operation, for in the highest spiritual matters we are all one. The highest spiritual dignity is independent of sex #SexTransmutation.

Verily, this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood & I am your Lord & Cherisher: therefore serve me and no other.

5556: Death & Life. Death is put before life.

5557: Creation is not mere sport, or without a purpose. Life is given to enable us to shine by good deeds, to reach a nobler state.

5558: Allah’s Will & Purpose is love, mercy, and goodness to His creatures.

5559-60. on the Cosmos / The 7 Heavens. We shall find no flaw in our external or visible world/no defect in Allah’s handiwork. #aliens #extraterrestrials

5562. The phenomena of shooting stars in space: Lamps as missiles to drive away Satans.

5563-64. Metaphor for fire as being hell/disharmony from Allah’s purpose

5565: Clear warning Signs come to men of crookedness from Revelation, from their own conscience, and from all nature around them.

5566. Righteous people & Prophets were persecuted or mocked. They were called fools or madmen or men under delusion!

5567!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man has been given the power to distinguish good from evil, & he is further helped by the teachings of the great Messengers and world Teachers.

5569. “To fear Allah”, means to Love Him so intensely that you fear to do anything which is against His Will, and your good deed are done for the love of Allah, and not for show in the eyes of men!!!

5571. Man has managed to make paths through deserts & over mountains: through rivers and seas by means of ships; through the air by means of airways; he has made bridges and tunnels and other means of communication. But this he has only been able to do because Allah has given him the necessary intelligence and has made the Earth tractable to that intelligence.

5572. The real Beyond, which is our goal, is the life after the Resurrection.

5573. Warnings of nature unto man! Earthquakes, Typhoons, and tornadoes.

5576. On Birds… The flight of birds is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things in nature. Birds have given many ideas to man in the science and art of aeronautics.

5578. If the godless wander about in search for blessings otherwise than in the Mercy & Grace of Allah, they are wandering in vain delusions.

5579. What Mainstream Rap has become!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we persist in looking to vanities for our sustenance we are pursuing a mirage, and if we examine the matter, we are only following obstinate impulses of rebellion and impiety.

5580!!!! The man of Probity versus the Man who chooses evil.

5582. the Messenger (of Allah) is asked to draw constant attention to Allah, the source of all growth and development; the Giver of faculties by which we can attain to higher and higher spirituality and dignity. And yet such is our self-will, we use our faculties for wrong purposes and thus show our ingratitude to Allah.

5584. Mankind from one set of parents has been multiplied and scattered through the earth. The mischief created by the wrong exercise of man’s Will will be cancelled, and the Truth of Allah will reign universally.

5586. The Final Judgment is certain to come. When it will exactly come is known to Allah alone. The Prophet’s duty is to proclaim that fact openly and clearly. It is not for him to punish or to hasten the punishment of evil.

5589. the believers say: “If we get any sorrows or sufferings, we take them as a mere trial to make us better, for we believe in Allah’s goodness and we put our trust in Him!”

5591!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must seek Grace from Allah. We cannot find grace or mercy or blessing from anything lower. His Wisdom and Mercy are like fresh clear-flowing spring-water, not like the muddy murky wisdom and goodness of this lower world which is only relative, and which often hampers life rather than advances it.

So in every age, it is the habit of the world to call Truth falsehood, and Wisdom madness. And on the other hand, to exalt selfishness as planning and arrogance as Power.

5593. Allah’s Messenger spoke words of Power, full of meaning. Muhammad was the living Grace and Mercy of Allah, and his very nature exalted Him above abuse and persecution.

5594-95. People usually call any one mad whose standards are different form their own. Instead of being out of his right mind, the Prophet of Allah had been raised to a great spiritual dignity, in the very core of his being.

5598. The enemies of Truth are self-deceived, and offer impossible compromises. This easy path of making the best of both worlds is a real danger to the best of us, and we must be on our guard against it.

5600. It is only liars who sear on all occasions, small or great, Because their ordinary word is not believed in. The true man’s word is as good as his bond.

5601. The violent man – even more degraded than the self-deceiver and the easy-going man. He will slander and backbite. Evil seems to be his good and good his evil. When checked, he resorts to violence. Religion is to him merely old-fashioned superstition.

5602. Pay no attention to despicable men simply b/c they happen to have wealth or influence, or much backing in man-power… the fellow is violent and cruel, because he is puffed up with his wealth or riches or backing in man-power… In the eyes of Allah, such a man is in any case branded and morally marked out as a sinner.

5603. Allah’s signs are everywhere in nature and in our very heart and soul.

5606. Why do the wicked flourish? Is a questioned asked in all ages…………..

5607!!!!!!!!!! We must always remember in all our plans, that they depend for their success on how far they accord with Allah’s Will and Plan.

5614. When greed or injustice is punished, people are ready to throw the blame on others.

5615 A. If repentance is true, there is hope. For Allah often turns a great evil to our good.

5615 B. selfish men, so puffed up with their good fortune that they forgot Allah. That meant that they also became harsh to their fellow creatures, in their arrogance.

5616. (Even) in this life the punishment for heedless or selfish arrogance & sin comes suddenly when we least expect it. But there is always room for Allah’s Mercy, if we repent sincerely. If the punishment in this life seems to us stupefying, how much worse will it be in the Hereafter when the Punishment will not be only for a limited time, & the time for repentance will have passed.

5618!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spiritual arrogance which rejects faith in Allah is perhaps the worst Sin, because it makes itself impervious to the Mercy of Allah as a bed of clay is impervious to the absorption of water. The fetishes (of arrogance) may be even God-given gifts or faculties. But question them; Will they solve Allah’s mysteries, or even the mysteries of Life & Soul?

5620!!!!!!!!!!!!! The “Chosen Race” idea of the Jews is also condemned. It is quite true, that a certain race or group, on account of aptitude may be chosen by Allah to uphold His Truth (& Preach it). But this is conditional on their following Allah’s Law. As soon as they become arrogant & selfish, they lose that position.

5621!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trinity in Christianity. Such a doctrine destroys the cardinal doctrine of the Unity of Allah.

5622. The Reality will be fully manifest on the Day of Judgment.

5626.!!!!!!!!!! We must not be impatient if we see the wicked flourish. It may be that the very appearance of flourishing here may be a part of the punishment…..

5627. It costs the unbelievers nothing to hear the Prophet. The righteous man asks for no reward for his preaching.

5628. The unbelievers behave as if they had the secret of the Unseen, but they are empty triflers. The Unseen is certainly not within their knowledge or control. They should listen to the words of inspiration, sent by the Knower of All things.

5629-31!!!!!!!! The Story of Jonah

5632!!!!!!! The company of the Righteousness

5633!!!!!!!! The eyes of evil men look at a good man as if they would “eat him up”, or trip him up. But the good man is unmoved and takes his even course. The message of Allah is true & good, and it is a message to all creation.

5634. The Prophets Message is the anti-thesis to “madness” as proclaimed unto by the unbelievers. Far from uttering words to harm, the Prophets Message is the cure to all evil, in every kind of world….

5635-41. The Thamud were addicted to class arrogance. The Ad were an unjust people spoilt by their prosperity. The Ad were reputed to be of a tall stature.

5642. Pharaoh’s Messenger was Moses. Pharaoh was inordinately proud, and his fall was proportionately great: it gradually extended to his dynasty and people.

5643!!!!!!!!!!! The sequence of peoples whose sins destroyed them; from Noah to Ad and the Thamud, to cities of the Plain, to Midian, to Pharaoh whose prophet was Moses, to the Quraish whose prophet was Muhammad.

5644. The cities overthrown: Sodom and Gomorrah, Cities of the Plain, etc...

5645-46. Noah’s Ark story: Noah’s Ark saved his people from the flood. A memorial to show that evil meets with its punishment, but the good are saved by Allah.

5647. For Truth to penetrate & resonate, truth has to be far deeper and subtler. An ear may hear but for want of will an ear may not wish to retain.

5648-50. The Day of Judgment (characteristics, signs)

5651. The Day of Judgment – with significance to “angels will be on its sides, & 8 will, that day, bear the Throne, of thy Lord above them.

5652. “Right” hand. The righteous are given their record in the right hand @ Judgment.

5653. The Promised delivery of having “Faith” in this world.

5655. Whatever good ye send forth into the world, Allah sees well all that ye do.

5656. Descriptions of Judgment Day’s following existence of reality.


5662. The Grip of Sin

5663-64. Evil humans and their actions

5665!!!!!!!!!! Differentiating Allah’s word from a Messenger, Poet, & soothsayer

5666. Honoured Messenger: One that is worthy of honor, on account of the Purity of his Life. #trusted

5667!!!!!!!!! A poet who is not a seer is merely a vulgar votary of exaggerations and falsehoods

5668!!!!!!!! A soothsayer pretends to foretell future events of no profound spiritual consequence. Most of his prophecies are frauds #Bashar “Darryl Anka”

5669. The right hand is the hand of power/action… Allah’s Prophets, however much they are persecuted, gain more and more power every day. #truth #earnestness @sincerity #Love for all

5671. The protection, which the Prophets of Allah enjoy in circumstances of danger and difficulty would not be available for imposters…

5672. The impact of the Message of Allah, upon the believers (glad tidings) & those who disbelieve (sorrow).

5673!!!!!!!!!!! The intellectual/intuitive distinction between truths vs. the Truth

5674. The truths we perceive may be aptly assured through means of Truth. Allah has given us this Absolute Truth thought His revelation. It behooves us to understand it.

The absolute Truth cannot fail; it must prevail; therefore be not lured by false appearance sin this life; it is Revelation that points to the sure and certain Reality!


Patience and the Time will show the ways that climb to Heaven. Sin and Goodness must each eventually come to its own.

5675. When will Judgment come? The knowledge of Tim is behind man’s comprehension (4) facts given about Judgment Day.

5676-77. can we reach up to Allah Most High? In His Infinite grace He gives that privilege to angels, & spirits of Ruh (inspiration)

5679. Hold Patience – not the sort which goes w/ complaints, but the sort of patience that is content w/ the ordering of Allah’s world, for believe and know it to be good. Such a patience is akin to Good pleasure, for it arises from the purest faith and trust in Allah.

5680. Evil and its consequence is near in Time, on the scale of the Universal Plan. It may come even in this life: but it’s bound to come eventually.

5681. The Evil doer will have a drink like melted brass in Hell, or like the dregs of oil.

5682. And the mountains will be like flakes of wool driven to destruction.

5683. The world and heaven as we know it would have so completely passed away. The sinners will dread their own realizations and the sight of one another.

5684-86. the evil doer will sell out his family through selfish cowardice to save himself, but nothing will save him… Fire will burn into his inmost being.

5687!!!!!!! The analysis of sin is given in (four) master strokes.

5688!!!!!!!!! Man, by Allah, was to be in the best of molds. The free-will to fulfill his high destiny, if used wrong, makes his nature weak/hasty.  

5690. Devotion to prayer

5691. Charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5692. A true Fear of Allah is the fear of offending His Universal Law(s). Sin causes disharmony, discord

5693. Do not feel you may feel secure against your Lord's punishment (to your sin committed). The punishment of sin may come at any time, when you least expect it.

5695. Our trusts, reasoning, talents... as sacred in ordinary life as they are in spiritual relationships. We must fulfill our trusts punctiliously.

5696.!!!!!!!!! We must bear witness to any/all truths of any kind, without the thought of fear or favor, even if it causes loss or trouble to us, or if it loses us friends or associates.

Those who respect their Trusts and covenants (wealth, reasoning, talents) And those who stand firm in the testimonies (speaking truth at all costs), And those who strictly guard their worship (steadfastness in prayer) Such will be the honored ones in the Gardens.

5697. The aspects of the good man's life begin and end w/ "steadfastness in prayer"

5698. Sarcasm of the unbelievers, they ridicule with a sarcastic tone, their (non) belief in a Hereafter

5699!!!!!! Man's animal part is nothing to be proud of. It is by spiritual effort that a man can rise above the mere animal part of him, and to his high dignity as a spiritual being.

5700. Allah's power and glory, manifested int he splendor of sunrise and sunset @ different points through the solar year

5701. If Allah has such power in the rising of the Sun, can you not see that He can easily substitute better men than you unbelievers and blasphemers..

5703. Their talk is vain; the foolish play of people who do not think seriously. All spiritual evidence is against it.

A stage is Reached when (good) must definitely part company w/ Evil, lest Evil should spread its corruption

5705-06. Noah's mission/story/warning

5707. Three aspects of man's duty 1) True worship w/ heart & soul. 2) Recognition & fear in knowing all evil leads to self-deterioration 3) repentance amends, obey good men's counsels

5708. True Happiness comes to us through Allah, who gives respite, only He.

5709-10. The reaction by sinners, when convincing arguments and warnings are placed before them.

5711. Noah, the means & methods by which he preached....

5712-13. Lessons & blessings, from the story of Noah

5714. Man in his various qualities and capacities may be compared with the wonderful workings of nature on the Earth and in the heavens.

5716. The Sun (the glorious "Lamp of the Heavens"), the Constellations in the skies, a Moon giving light.

5717. Man, similarly as the growth of plants and trees, is that of a seed sown, that germinates, grows, & dies, & goes back to the Earth. In man, there is the further process of resurrection.

5719!!!!!!!! On sinners reproaching the words of righteous men. The truth behind men of"Power" and "wealth".

5720. the plots devised by the wicked (w/ material resources), to rid the righteous. Their plots may seem to have appearance of success, but they can never defeat Allah's Purpose.

5721. Pagan God's and Superstitions amongst the wicked & sinful.

5724. The flood (of Noah's) was sent to purge all sin.

5722!!!!!!!!!!! Superstitions & cults do not add to human knowledge or human well-being. They only increase error & wrong-doing.

5723 A!!!!!!!!!!! The punishment of sin seizes the soul from every side (by water/by fire). The destruction wrought by sin is complete in all forms.

5723 B. time and eternity, as we conceive them now, have no meaning in the wholly new world. (the Hereafter). 

5726. Noah, alas, prays for he & his. "And to the wrong-doers Grant Thou no increase But in Perdition",- see 5722 originally

5727. The Jinn had heard of previous revelations, (Moses') & of Christianity's.

5729. A gathering of Jinns listened to the Qur'an, they said, "we have really heard a wonderful recital!"

5731. By joining false gods in our worship (of Allah), we degrade our own conception of ourselves. If we worship idols or heavenly bodies, or human beings, or any creatures, or false fancies born of self or foolish abstractions, or the lust/desires of our own hearts, we are not only doing violence to Truth, but we are causing discord & in the harmony of the world.

5732. If human beings, think that by a resort to some spirits, that they can shelter themselves from the struggles/actualities of their own lives, they are sadly mistaken. They will ultimately have to answer at the Judgment-Seat of Allah, whose first outpost is in their own conscience.

5733. The Jinn who have repented of sin and evil, speak here, as recognizing evil ones among them, whose love of stealth & prying will be defeated by vigilant guardians of Right (interesting imagery used here).

5734. ...People who try to seek out the hidden truths of the Unseen World through jinns... Such seekers will be confronted by the flaming fire (shafts of meteoric light)..

5735. The Jinn conclude that, whether this Quran is ill intended to those on Earth or really intends to guide to right conduct, they feel (rightly) that it must be a blessing for all who seek right guidance.

5736. The Jinn know that Allah's Truth & Plan must prevail. Thus, why not then bring their will into conformity with it, and find Peace; they think...

5737!!!!!!!! The essence of "Faith" among a believer, amidst the harshness that is the world.

5738!!!!!! Anyone who responds to true Guidance & submits his will to Allah finds that he makes rapid progress.

5739. An unjust life carries its own condemnation. It does no good to itself or to anyone else.

5740!!!!!!!! On Rain... All blessings come by way of trial. A man of gifts, talents, or insights is expected to show a higher standard of love than one less gifted.

5741. Remembering Allah means: Acknowledging His presence, realizing His Goodness, and accepting His Guidance.

5742. 1) Worship used for no other than the One Allah. 2) Worship should not be mixed with vain objects. 3) All of our gifts are for Allah's Service, which includes the service of His Creatures, & not for our vainglory.

5744!!!!!!!!!!!!! A man who diverges from the beaten paths of their favorite sins, & who pleads for Truth & righteousness; they ridicule him; they surround him w/ jeers.

5745. The sinful cannot be forced to right conduct; that must depend the purification of their own faith and will.


5746. It is the messenger's mission, from Allah, & he cannot choose but obey, for them he himself would be worthy of punishment.

5747!!!!!! After death, revitalization of a conscious experience, where values are restored that the promise of Allah was Time, and that death on this earth was not the end of all things. Those who were accounted weak on this earth will, in the realm of reality, be the strong ones; they will have all the great & true ones there, with them, to help & welcome them to their own ranks.

5748. The coming of Judgment - is certain. It's timing is not known. Not even a Prophet of Allah knows the mysteries of the Unseen world, except in so far as they have been revealed to him by Allah's Revelation.

5751!!!!!!!! Revelation must be safeguarded, it's essence & trueness, from being distorted by ignorance, selfishness, or the powers of evil. A strong escort is required, to march in front & behind.

5754. Human nature requires warm garments & wrappings to protect the body from cold, heat or rain. But in the spiritual world, the soul must stand bare before Allah.

5755. The Prophet was prone to austerities in the cave (Hiraa), spending days and nights in prayer and contemplation.

5756. The words of the Qu'ran must not be read hastily, merely to get through so much reading. They must be studied, & their deep meaning pondered over.

5758. What time can be so suitable for contemplation prayer & praise, as the night, when calm & silence prevail, & the silent stars pour forth their eloquence to the discerning soul.

5759!!!!!!!!!! A Prophet of Allah, as a man, a member of a family, or a citizen, has many ordinary duties to perform and his work may be made difficult/irksome in protecting those who listen to his preaching and are therefore molested and persecuted by the world. But he should work as in the presence of Allah, retaining the sense of Allah's nearness. His work may be on Earth but his Heart is in heaven.

5760!!!!!!!!!! Allah is ruler of all places. He rules the world. Be not discouraged by the plots and enmity of wicked men. Leave all things to Allah... Trust Him..... Only turn away from the unjust in a worthy and noble way.. To show them clearly that you do not fear them... But that you leave all affairs in Allah's hands.

5761. Men who are blessed by Allah in the presence and ranks of Allah's enemies, none but Allah can adequately deal with them.

5765!!!!!!!! The Penalty of Sin may be described as an agony. It may come in this Life (various punishments) but that in the Hereafter is certain.

5766. Judgment Day is described as a violent commotion which will change the whole face of nature as we know it.

5768. The dynamic relation and conflict between Pharaoh & Moses, described..

5769. The Day of Judgment - children will become like hoary-headed men... The shape of things will be completely altered, both within man and in outer nature.

5770!!!!!!!! If you have the Will, you can come for the Grace of Allah, & obtain it... For, Repentance & Amendment are the straight path to the nearness of Allah.

5771-73!!!!!!!!!!! The Prophet & his disciples were often up during the night, rejecting sleep and giving themselves up to prayer and praise and the reading of the Qur'an. They were counseled that this was too severe a tax on them (their health), especially if taxed whilst striving in other ways for the cause of Allah.... For, Allah fixes day and night in due proportions, for rest (night) and work (day)... And according to seasonal variations... The reading of the Qur'an is a part of Prayer and religious devotion... It is not to be made into an obsession or burden (reading the Qur'an).. we must read (the Qur'an) whole-mindedly, and not by mechanical obsession of burdening.

"Others travelling through the land, seeking of Allah's bounty; yet others fighting in Allah's Cause. read ye, Therefore as much of a Qur'an As may be easy (for you), And establish prayer (regular) and give zakat."

5776. Any good that we do raises our own spiritual status/dignity. For, Allah is independent of all needs from us.. Our good deeds are for our own benefit.

5777. The need of Allah's Grace... To lift us up and blot out our shortcomings... Even in piety, beware, there may be an arrogance which may become sin... Seek Allah's Grace w/ humility.

5778!!!!!!!!!!!! On Messengership...... the Prophet was now past the stage of personal contemplation, and was now to go forth boldly to deliver His Message. His heart had always been pure, but not all his outward doing must be dedicated to Allah his work as a Messenger was the most generous gift that could flow from his personality, but no reward was to be expected from the people... In fact, there would be much call on his patience... Similar stages arise in the life of every good man, for which, Muhammad's life is set as a Universal pattern for.

5779. The dirt and filth the pagans/transgressors used to throw at the Messenger to insult and persecute him ("& thy garments keep free from stain").

5781. Giving in the commercial/legal sense, versus giving in the spiritual sense.

5782!!!!!!!!!! SALLOUM --- our zeal for Allah's cause requires us to be patient, and to show constancy in our efforts (for His Cause). We know that He is All-Good, All-Wise, and everything will ultimately be right.

5783. The sinner's course is now shown in contrast to the seeker's. The sinner may be self-complacent now: but what will be his position when reckoning comes? Not easy!

5784. Allah alone is only fit to judge the limits of Justice and Punishment and mercy.

5785. Man's adventitious advantages (wealth, power, talents, position) are gifts from Allah, who created him. In himself he came bare and alone.


5786. The great ones of the Earth may have wealth, a large following, sons by their side to defend and do their bidding to help them, but their responsibility is to Allah.

5787!!!!!!!!! The sinner takes Allah's gifts as if they were his right. The more he gets the more he is greedy. He is willfully deaf to Allah's signs, but he is only preparing for his own undoing.

5790. Walid ibn Mugaira was a wealthy Pagan to the core, enemy to the Prophet... He and Abu Jahl did all they could to abuse and persecute and injure the Prophet and those who believed. There are Walids in all ages. They cannot understand divine inspiration, and seek to explain its wonderful influence as "magic".

5792. The sinner is destroyed and no part of his nature is preserved. The brightness of his very manhood is darkened and extinguished by sin. "darkening and changing the color of man!"

5793. Nineteen (19) angels, appointed to guard Hell.

5794. On Angels in ancient scriptures, and their relations to the controlling and administering of fire.

5796. The outcomes/fate of the four classes of people: 1) The Muslims. 2) The People of the Book (Jews and Christians). 3) The Hypocrites. 4) The unbelievers

5797. Man is left free to stray if he chooses to. In spite of all the warning and the instruction he receives. This warning is addressed to all mankind.

E&R lyrics Warning~~~~~~~~ All things are referred to Allah. But we must not attribute evil to Him. We are expressly told that the good comes from Allah and the evil from ourselves.

5798. Every soul which looks up to a mere creature of Allah for salvation is in spiritual darkness of error; the true source of spiritual light and life is Allah, and Allah alone.

5799. (moonlight metaphor) - When a soul realizes its own responsibility, it will look less to reflected lights, and through and through toward the light of Allah and the goal of the Heaven of our dreams.

5800!!!!!!!!!!!!! The numerous signs of Allah; the waning of the moon, the decline of the night, and even Hell itself.

5801. For our moral/spiritual progress, we have in some cases to go forwards, but in some cases we have to retreat, from fake positions. The hopeless case is that of the obstinate man whose heart is so dead that he dares not advance to the right or withdraw from the wrong.

5802. Man's redemption depends upon the Grace of Allah, which he should whole-heartedly, strive for by means of right conduct.

5803. The companions of the "Right Hand" will be the righteous. Their grounds of merit will be Prayer, Charity, Earnestness (sincere serious genuine), and Faith in Allah's Judgment. They are not separate acts or virtues, but are all inter-connected.

5805. If the Day of Judgment is inevitable... It is strange that men should not heed, but go on as if they were thoughtless and obstinate; ; they try to avoid it. They are frightened at Allah's word.

5806. The Unbelievers pretend in ridicule that they would believe if a special message were addressed to them by a miracle .. there is a disease in their hearts/understandings. The Prophet's warning message is plain, and enough for any reasonable man who has the will to seek Allah.

5807. The Qur'an is the counseling/warning for the unbelievers... If man has the will to learn, Allah's grace will help him carry it out in his conduct.

5808. Man's Righteousness has no meaning except in relation to the universal Will #Taqwa

5809. We reap what we sow.... Every act has to be accounted for. Man's own spirit has a conscience which would reproach him for sin if he did not suppress that inner voice.

5810!!!!!!!! The three stages of the development of the human soul.

5811. The Unbelievers cry, what! How can our personality be called to account?! The answer is, "Allah has said so, and he will do it. For the death here is not the end of all things."

5813-14. The Sinner, evil-doer, who has no conscience goes on in his career of sin. He does not believe in a Hereafter.

5815. At the Hour of Judgment, the full light and glory of Allah will shine and a new World will come into being.

5816. At the Hour of Judgment, man's sight will be dazed, the sun will sink into nothingness along with the moon, and all relative good and truth will sink into nothingness.

5817. The moon and the Sun will be like empty shells whose "lights are fled", and whose glories dead, b/c the light of Allah now shines in full splendor.

5818-19. On Judgment Day, we will be judged by our actions. It is not what a man says about himself, or what others say of him, that determines judgment about him. It is what he is in himself. His own personality betrays him or commends him.

5820. We must live life and be patient as the receiving the inspired meaning and word of Allah in our lives... The Holy Prophet was to allow the revelation conveyed to him, to sink into his mind and heart, and not be impatient about it. Allah would certainly complete it according to His Plan, and see that it was collected and preserved for men and not lost.

5821. Man loves haste and things of haste. For that reason, he pins his faith on transitory things and neglects the things of lasting moment, which come slowly and whose true import will be fully seen in the afterlife.

5822. The punishment of sin takes place in three ways.

5823-24. The soul reaches to the collar bone in its exit.

5826!!!!!!!!!! four counts against a soul of an unbeliever: 1) He neglected prayer 2) neglected giving charity. 3) rejected Truth 4) disbelief in the Hereafter. ... Rejecting the truth is equivalent to talking vanities and making alliance with falsehoods.

5827. Conceit/arrogance is the root-cause of most Evil. By that cause, fell Iblis.

5828. The soul purpose of Man, comes with implications and moral responsibility, with a purpose.

5829. From the stage of being a fetus, to developing body limbs, to the divine spirit poured into him, man is fashioned in due proportion for his higher destiny.

Time exists spontaneously from eternity to eternity and is responsible for the misery or the happiness of Mankind... Time is a created thing, relative and not absolute.

They Say, ... "nothing but Time can destroy us.". ... This attitude is of course wrong. Time is relative to our conceptions, as Einstein has proved. It is only Allah who is self-subsisting, Eternal from beginning and Eternal to the end, the Absolute Existence and Reality.

5830. It is certain that the physical world existed long before man was ever heard of or mentioned.

5832. Man's beginning as an ovum, to becoming intellectually insightful, with free-will, he is trained (and tried), and that is the whole problem of human life.

5833!!!!!!!!!! Besides the gifts of his faculties, Man has been shown the Way by means of Revelation, through men of the highest spiritual standing... If grateful he will be of the righteous... If not, he puts chains around himself. His choice rests on his will.

5835. "As to the Righteous, they shall drink of a cup mixed w/ kafur (comphor), added to the cup of pure wine which causes no intoxication, but stands for all that is wholesome, agreeable, and refreshing. Comphor is smooth and refreshing, and is given as a soothing tonic. In small doses, it's odor and flavor are also agreeable (hence added to the cup of wine).

5836-39. The righteous are known in the present life by their virtues: they perform their vows, they fear a judgment day, and they feed to indigent, the orphan and the captive.

5840!!!!!!!! The true motives of the pious: "We feed (you) for the sake of Allah. No reward do we desire from you, nor thanks"

5841. The truly righteous, are not "self-righteous". They know they are human, and they fear lest they should be wanting in the sight of Allah. But Allah in His Mercy gives them a bountiful reward.

5845-46. The Judgment Day, Sun & Moon will no longer be here and it will be a new world on a different plane.

5847-54. Life after death, stages, for the righteous - "vessels of silver", "goblets of crystal", a cup to drink from mixed with Zanjabil, "a fountain there called Salsabil".

5855. Persecution, abuse, and false charges were being leveled against the man of Allah, but he is bidden to stand firm and do his duty. this applies to all who suffer in the cause of Truth.

5856!!!!!!!!! The spiritual impact of the morning hours..... Three methods of prayer and devotion: 1) to remember and celebrate Allah. 2) to spend part of the night in holy prostration. 3) to glorify Him in the long hours of a weary night of waiting and watching.

5857!!!!!!!!!!! Humble Prostration to Allah means some visible mode of dedication. That is best done at night, when the soul, free from worldly occupations, is alone with its God. In concert w/ the whole creation, which glorifies Allah.

5858. This fleeting life... The Unbelievers of All ages reject/put away the thought of a hereafter, for the pleasures of a fleeting life.

5859. Allah has not only created men, but "made their frame strong", with the power to withstand the temptations of Evil and stand firmly in the path of right.

5860!!!!!!! Allah's gifts are free, but let no one think that he can misuse them without being called to answer for that trust. Allah will set them aside and substitute others in their place, w/ like powers. Allah can in a moment make a complete change. Either the same men that fought against him will be his zealous adherents, or another generation will spring up, which will carry the flag of righteousness to victory. Allah's Will and Plan work in their own good time.

5861!!!!!!!!!!!! Man in himself is weak and must seek Allah's Grace; with it he can do all; if the will is right it obtains Allah's Grace.

5863. The winds, the Angels, the Prophets, in the human world all connect the Day of Justice with the Kingdom of Allah!

5864!!!!!!!!!! on Winds (five points)

5865!!!!!!!!!! on Angels (five points)

5866!!!!!!!!! on Messengers (five points)

5867. Characteristics of the Judgment Day

5868. Inspired Prophets had been sent in succession at different times to all nations. Now they will be gathered (Judgment Day) together in one place to bear witness as to the righteous or the evil ones within their respective spheres of work.

5869. The Day of Judgment: Good will be completely separated from Evil. The rejectors of Truth will find that in the world of realities they will be absolutely nowhere.

5870. Allah's Law is always the same. Sin and corruption prepares it's own destruction. In Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley: these were men of wonderful skill and resource, but they went under. If our generations which pride themselves on their science and skill desert Allah's Law, they will be certain to meet the same fate.

5871. "Have we not created you from a fluid made despicable?" Man is ashamed of the process of physical creation, yet he is arrogant in life and neglectful of the future.

5872. The wonders of the silent growth of the fetus in the mother's womb.

5873. 9 month and 10 days... yet throughout pre-natal and post-natal life, there are nicely-balanced adjustments.

5874. From Life in the womb to being then buried in a tomb.

5875!!!!!!! What a wonderful parable, the drama which we see in this world, for us to appreciate the wonders in Allah's kingdom of reasoning/judgment.

5876!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mountains contain wisdom and power in their efficiency and usage.

5877-79. The sinners will see the blazing Fire, the only shadow they see will be that of smoke, ascending in three columns, enveloping them.

5880. The Judging of the sinners, they the sinners will not be in a position to put forward any valid deference or plea.

5881. The Quraish who were plotting against the Prophet.... They may use allot their wisdom and that of their ancestors, but you will not be able to defeat Allah or His Plan.

5882!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Plots against Allah's profit were plots against Allah's Truth and therefore against Allah. Can anyone hope to benefit by such plots? Can anyone defeat Allah's Purpose of Plan? Let them try. There can only be pity for such men. They will only ruin themselves.

5885!!!!!!!!! The fruits of Righteousness are content in this world, and the Supreme Bliss in the next.

5886. "Eat" is symbolical of having the good things of life in this world. But for the sinners, the opportunities of wrong are multiplied, as the impetus for good or for evil increases progressively. If they do not repent when asked to believe and repent, they are to be pitied, even for the good things of this life, for they will come to an evil end in the Hereafter.

5887. Prostration is a symbol of humility, and a desire to get nearer to Allah, by prayer and a good life.


5889. On the lack of integrity in Christianity.... There is practically nothing about the Resurrection in the Old Testament, and even in the early Christian Church some definitely denied the resurrection of the dead.

5890!!!!!!!!!! The Signs of Allah

5891. Darkness of the night serves as a covering, and gives us spiritual respite from the material world, and from the tiring activities of our own inner exertions.

5895. Signs of order and workings in the external world - surrounding our own physical, mental, and spiritual nature.

5897-98. The Angel charged w/ the sounding of the Trumpet is Israfil; he will herald judgment.

5899. Hell, the embodiment of evil, is lying in wait like an ambush for everyone. And for those who've willfully rebelled against Allah, it will be a definite destination from which there is no return, except and unless Allah so wills. #"purgatory"?

5901-02. The transgressors create misery for themselves w/ the disorder of contradictory elements. #boiling hot drink, with intensely cold, murky fluids. This, the result of their continue course of evil conduct.

5903. Just as there is a progressive deterioration in the sinner's soul when he surrenders himself, so there is progressive increase in the Penalty which he suffers.

5904. "Seeing the face of Allah", is the attainment of the supreme achievement (three illustrations).

5905. "Gardens of bliss is a fruit garden, with walls round to protect it, and the most characteristic fruit mentioned here is the luscious grape.

5906. The second, is maidens of Equal Age

5907. The third is the cup

5908. Among the three illustrations, there will be 1) no talk of vanities. 2) there will be no falsehood, insincerity or hollowness.

5910-12. No one may argue w/ Allah about the gifts which He may bestow on His devotees, or about the Penalty which His Justice may inflict for sin; special dignitaries to plead for the sinners, may plead but only in truth and righteousness.

5911. "The Spirit" refers to the angel Gabriel

5912. SURAH 78 Verse 37, 38 -- they may plead for the sinners?! Isn't Allah all-knowing and seeing..? Why the need for "special dignitaries" to plead for sinners to begin with?

5914!!!!!!!! Is Judgment very near? Yes. There are three stages of Judgment

5917. The souls of the wicked are loath to part w/ their material body at death; their souls will be wrenched out into another world.

5918. The souls of the blessed will be drawn out gently to their new life. Death for them will be a release from the grosser incidents of bodily sense.

5919. At all times there are errands of mercy and blessing and errands of justice, which the angels are prompt to execute by order of Allah. Their movement is compared to that of gliding, in hurrying on their orders the angels press forth as in a race. And thus they promptly execute.

5920-22. Judgment Day - the whole world as we now see it in our lower life will be in violent revolution. It will be like an earthquake destroying all landmarks. Again and again to make way for a new world. All hearts will be in agitation - the blessed ones for their seeing the beginning of the fulfillment of their Lord's promise; those of the rejecters of Allah for fear of His just judgment.

5924. The unbelievers' reaction to the Resurrection. 

5925-26. There is a Lesser Judgment and a final judgment

5927-30. Allah's grace was offered through a major prophet, Moses, to an arrogant blasphemer and rebel against Allah's Law, like Pharaoh.

5931. The Great Sign, shown by Moses to Pharaoh; (the White shining Hands; the rod that became a snake in motion)

5934!!!!!!!!!!!! If man grows arrogant to Allah, he is reminded that he is only an insignificant speck in Allah's spacious creation. All the excellence that man acquires is the gift of Allah, who has bestowed upon him a high Destiny if he fulfills his purpose of his Creation.

5935. The mystery of the Heavens w/ their countless stars, planets, sun and moon, obeying the laws of motion, influencing the climate of the Earth from thousands of millions of miles illustrates the order and perfection which Allah has given to His Creation.

5936. The night and Day have each its own beauty and its utility for man.

5938. The wonderful springs and rivers and glaciers give corn, fruits, and vegetables to man, and pastures and feeding grounds to beasts of the fields.

5939. The mountains (eternal hills) are the main reservoirs for the storage and gradual distribution of water, the very basis of the life of man and beast.

5940. Everything on Earth has, by Allah's bountiful providence, been arranged to be of use and convenience of man and the lower life. Man's own intelligence and initiative, are also gifts of Allah.

5941. Judgment Day- is the time for sorting out all things according to their true intrinsic and eternal values.

5942. The Judgment will be not only for his acts but for his motives, "all he strove for". The Fire of Punishment will be plainly visible to him, and not only to him, but it will be "for all to see".

5944. The Punishment will be for those who had given themselves up to the vanities and lusts of this lower life. This Punishment will not touch those of minor sins, whose deeds will be weighed in the balance against their good deeds.

5945. The contrast is complete and parallel: the persistent rebels against Allah's Law who preferred the lower life, are to dwell in the Fire of Punishment, while those who restrained their lower desires, will dwell in the Gardens.

5947. Our Time has no sort of comparison w/ the timeless state in the new spiritual world in which the final Judgment will take place.

5948. The Warning is only effective for those who believe in Allah and the Final Day. It is to lead such new men and help them, that Prophets are sent.

5949. When we make up from the sleep of Death at the Resurrection, we shall not know whether it was the following moment or the following hour after we slept, but we shall feel that it is morning.

5952!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Message of Allah works first amongst the simple and lowly, the poor and despised folks. And the mighty ones of the Earth only come in when the stream rushes in w/ irresistible force.

5953. Allah's Message is for all, but if the great ones arrogantly keep back from it, it is no fault of the preacher, so long as he has proclaimed the message.

5954!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the blind man who interrupted The Holy Prophet while he was deeply and earnestly engaged in trying to explain the Qur'an to Pagan Quraish Leaders.

5955. Allah's Message is Universal, from which no one is to be excluded,- rich or poor, old or young, learned or ignorant. If anyone had the spiritual craving that needed satisfaction, (i.e. the blind man), he was to be given precedence (if there was to be any question of precedence).

5956. The legend that the early suras were not, carefully written down and preserved in books is a pure invention. Those who transcribed it were men who were honorable, just and pious.

5957!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, made in the best of moulds,- explained...... The middle Path has been made easy or him.

5960. On Food... how the forces of heaven and earth unite by Allah's Command to serve man and his dependents... If that is the case w/ just one item (food), how much more comprehensive is Allah's beneficence when the whole of man's needs are considered.

5961-63. The water comes from the clouds in plentiful abundance; the earth is ploughed, and the soil is broken up in fragments, and yields an abundant harvest of cereals (corn), fruits, vegetables, as well as fruit that can be kept for long periods of time (olives, dates). As well as lofty trees, grass, and all kinds of fodder.

5966-67. On Judgment Day, those nearest and dearest will not be able to help each other on that Day.... The Sinful will be occupied w/ their own sorrows and will be occupied w/ themselves. On the other hand, the righteous will be united w/ their righteous families, and their faces will be beaming, laughing, rejoicing.

5968. The dust on the faces of the sinners will be in contrast to the beaming light on the faces of the righteous... Moreover, the humbly and lowly may be "in the dust" in this life, and the arrogant sinners in sunshine, but roles will be reversed at Judgment.

5969. Judgment Day's affects upon our souls, and on nature's processes ceasing to function.

5970. 1) The Sun on Judgment Day

5971. 2) The Stars on Judgment Day

5972. 3) The Mountains on Judgment Day

5973. 4) The She-Camel on Judgment Day

5974. 5) The Wild Animals on Judgment Day

5975. 6) The Oceans on Judgment Day

5976. 7) The Organization of good and evil will create a world of perfect peace.

5977. 8) Evidence to brought by victims, justifyingly pleading against evil's perpetrators, will be summoned.

5978. 9) The Scrolls of the deeds of man, good and bad, will be opened before. the whole tales of acts, omissions, motives, neglect, spiritual hurt, or laid help be laid bare.

5979. 10) the inmost state of every soul will then become plain.

5980. 11) Then will burn the "blazing fire of the Hell".

5981. 12) The Garden will come into sight

5983. 13) And then in conclusion, will each soul know its full realization.

5985. On Planets....

5986. Night into Day, spiritual darkness into Revelation

5987!!!!!!!! The slow "breathing out" of the Darkness by the dawn

5988. The bringer of the Message of Allah was the angel Gabriel, and not an evil spirit.

5989!!!!!!!!!! on the Angel Gabriel

5990!!!!!!!!! on the Prophet Muhammad; known to be an honorable, truthful, and trustworthy man, not of demoniacal possession.

5992-93. The context of Muhammad receiving such a Revelation in the light of Truth and not evil.

5994!!!!!!!!!!!! This Word (of Allah) is no word of a mortal. It is full of divine wisdom, sane to the core and in accordance w/ human needs. It freely directs to the right path, forbidding the path of evil. Why then hesitate? Accept the divine Grace; repent of your sins; and come to the higher life.

5995. Allah's Message is not meant for one class or race; it is universal, and is addressed to all.

5996. Allah is the Cherisher of the Worlds. His Guidance is open to all. But that will (to profit by Allah's guidance) must be exercised in conforming w/ Allah's Will.

5997-00. Characteristics of Judgment Day

6001. Death will bring forth Life.

6002. "Sent forward and kept back"

6005-06. Allah puts forth His Perfect Knowledge, wisdom, and goodness unto the "Form(s)" he creates

6007. There are spiritual agencies around to help Allah's Forms; Guardian Angels.

6008. The sinner will be given every chance of repentance and amendment.

6009-10!!!!!!!! Judgment Day, and Personal Responsibility will be fully enforced!

6011!!!!!!! Legal and social sanctions against Fraud depend on tangible evidence of being found out. Moral and religious sanctions are of a different kind. Do you wish to degrade your own nature?

6013-14. Sijn, A prison. Sijin is the name of the register of black-deeds, for those who do wrong.

6015. Those who deny personal responsibility for their soul can only be pitied; they deny by playing w/ falsehoods.

6017!!!!!!!!! On the Heart; and the impact of sinful deeds, upon the tarnishing of the heart.

6018. The stain of sin upon the heart sullies the mirror of the heart so that it does not receive the light.

6019-21. Illiyun; the register of the Righteous'-deeds - "high places" - opposite of the sijin.

6024!!!!!!!! The pure Wine - highly esteemed #musk

6025. Let those aspire, who have aspirations: understand the true and lasting values, this is the kind of bliss to aspire for.

6027!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wicked laugh at the righteous... (four points).

6029. The tables will then be reversed, and he laughs best who laughs last.

6030. The Righteous on their raised stature of seats, will see the true values restored, in their own favor... they will also see the arrogant braggarts brought low, who brought their own downfall by their own actions.

6031. The passing away of this World of Reality for a new World of Reality is indicated by two Facts: 1) the Sky being rent asunder and giving up its secrets. 2) the Earth being flattened out and giving up its secrets.

6032!!!!!!!!!!! We may think that the heavens we see above us, - high and sacred, seemingly vast and limitless, eternal and timeless - are not created matter. But they are. And they remain just so long as Allah wills it so. As soon as His Command issues for their dissolution, they will obey and vanish and all their mystery will be emptied out.

6033-34!!!!!!!!! The Earth is a globe, enclosing within it many secrets and mysteries - gold and diamonds in its mines, heat and magnetic forces in its entrails and the bodies of countless generations of men buried within its soil. But the Earth itself will dissolve into a truer reality. It will lose its shape as a globe, and cease to exist.

6036!!!!!!!!!!! This life is ever full of toil and misery. "Our sweetest songs are those that tell the saddest thought". It is the noblest men that have to scorn delights and live laborious days in this life. The good suffer on account of their very goodness: the evil on account of their evil.

6037. The Fortunate ones of the Right Hand; who spent their lives in truth and goodness: they will receive more than their merits deserve, on account of infinite grace and mercy of Allah.

6039. The Sinful will receive their Records in their left hand, behind their back.

6041. The sinful's self-conceit will give place to weeping and gnashing of teeth. The wicked will cry for death and annihilation.

6042!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the Evil in this world is due to... The false idea, that man is not responsible for every deed, word, and thought of his, to whom he has to return to, to give an account of himself. To remember this and act accordingly is to achieve salvation.

6043. Ye shall surely travel from stage to stage. Nothing in this life is fixed or will last. Three things are mentioned - which have remained from age to age, and yet each of them is but a short phase, gone as it were in the twinkling of an eye.

6044-46. 1) The Sun - the beautiful glow it leaves is but momentary: it changes every moment, and vanishes. 2) The Night - collects all livelihood for their return home to rest/sleep. So will it be with our souls when this life is ended with our death. We shall be collected in a newer and larger Homing. 3) The astronomical Full Moon does not last a moment. The moment the moon is full she begins to decline. So is a man's life, here below. It is not fixed or permanent, either in its physical phases or even more strikingly, in its finer phases; intellectually, emotionally, or spiritual.

6047. Man travels and ascends stage by stage. Man's spiritual life can similarly be compared to an ascent from one heaven to another.

6048. Man's high destiny, and the fact that this life is but a stage for him, welcoming Allah's Revelation and ascending into heights of spiritual wisdom is best for him.

6051. Signs against the wicked persecutors of the righteous: 1) The Constellations (12 zodiacs) 2) the Day of Judgment 3) Certain persons will be witnesses

6052. The stars of the Zodiac are like eyes of the Night. It may be that crimes are committed in the darkness of the night, but countless eyes are watching all the time.

6054. On Judgment Day, the witnesses of the sinners may be various ... (as listed in commentary).

6055. Making of the pit fire in which they burn people for their Faith? there is the story of Abraham, against Nimrud. The Story of Zu-nuwas who persecuted the Christians of Najran.

6057-58. The persecutors will richly deserve to be punished in the fire of Hell. That punishment will be far more real and lasting than the undeserved cruelty which they inflicted on men, for their Faith in the one true God.

6062. Allah's Will is itself the Word, and the deed. No circumstances, whatever, can come between His Will and the execution thereof.

6063!!!!! On Pharaoh, and Thamud... they defied the law of Allah and perished.

6064-65. The Unbelievers persist (in all ages) in defying Allah's Laws, but Allah will know how to deal with them. The wicked will be defeated from all sorts of unexpected directions.

6066. Allah's Message endures forever. It is eternal, "inscribed in a tablet preserved"

6067. the Man of Faith and Truth has nothing to Fear. In the darkest sky shines out most brilliantly the light of the most brilliant star. So in the night of spiritual darkness (ignorance or distress) shines Allah's revelation. There is no soul but has a protector over it.

6068. The Star of piercing brightness referred to, could be the morning star, or the planet Saturn, or Sirius, or Pleiads, or shooting stars.

6069!!!!!!!!!!!! If man has a true spiritual understanding, he has nothing to be afraid of. He is protected by Allah in many ways that he does not even know. He may be an insignificant creature as a mere animal, but his soul raises him to a dignity above other creation. And all sorts of divine forces guard and protect him.

6071!!!!!!!! On man's seed (sperm). His backbone is the source and symbol of his strength and personality. The spinal cord and brain is the directive energy of the central nervous system.

6072-73. Allah can surely give new life after this physical death here. All of our actions, motives, thoughts, imaginings, will be brought into the open and tested by the Standards of Truth.

6075. the Earth seems hard, but springs gush forth, and vegetables sprout through it and make it green and soft. So is Truth: hard perhaps to mortals, but through the agency of revelation, it allows our inner personality to sprout and blossom forth.

6077. Plots will be of no avail, and Allah's Purpose will prevail.

6079!!!!!!! Dealing w/ Evil... Gentle forbearance w/ Evil shows our trust in Allah and Allah's Plan: for it can never be frustrated. This does not mean that we should assist or compromise evil. It means patience and humility when we have no visible power to prevent Evil.

"Allah has made man capable of Progress by ordered steps, and by his Revelation will lead him still higher to purification"

6080. "Lord" is an inadequate rendering for the world "Rabb" in Arabic. "Guardian-Lord" is sufficient.

6081-83. The Story of Creation is wonderful and continuous. First, He brings us into being. Secondly, He endows us w/ forms and faculties exactly suited to what is expected of us, and to the environment in which our life will be cast... giving due order and proportion to everything. Thirdly, He has ordained laws by which we can develop ourselves and fit into His whole scheme of evolution... Fourthly he has given us guidance, so that we are not the sport of mechanical laws. fifthly, after maturity comes decay, whereupon we sub-serve other ends.

6084. The Soul, as it reaches the Light of Allah, makes gradual progress.. So too the Qur'an was revealed by stages; all Revelation form Allah comes by stages.

6085. Everyone who understands the Message must declare it, in words, and still move in his conduct.

6086. From Moses to Jesus, and from Jesus to Muhammad. We should forget some things of past, lest our minds become confused or our development retarded.

6087. The path of Islam is simple and easy.  It depends on no abstruse mysteries or self-mortification, but on straight and manly conduct in accordance with the laws of man's nature. On the other hand, spiritual perfection may be most difficult, for it involves complete surrender on our part, to Allah, in our affairs, thoughts and desires. But after that surrender Allah's Grace will make our path easy.

6088!!!!!!! ~~ON SALLOUM AND MY FAN BASE~~ ... "Cast not Pearls before Swine"... where Islam's message may be heeded and not...   This is not so strong as the Biblical phrase, "Cast not pearls before swine" (Matt. vii. 6).  The cases where admonition does produce spiritual profit and where it does not, are mentioned below in verses 10 and 11-13 respectively. Allah's Message should be proclaimed to all: but particular and personal admonitions are also due to those who attend and in whose hearts is the fear of Allah;; in the case of those who run away from it and dishonor it, such particular and personal admonition is useless. They are the unfortunate ones who prepare their own ruin. 

6089. The Great Fire is the final punishment in the Hereafter, as contrasted w/ the minor Penalties from which all evil suffers from within in this very life.

6090. Evil ones introduce discord into creation. The evil lives ruin their own future.

6092. The first process in godliness is to cleanse ourselves in body, mind, and soul. That leads us to our actual absorption in praise and prayer.

6093. the Law of Righteousness is not a new law, but spiritual truths have to be remembered and reiterated again and again.

6094. No book of Abraham has come down to us. The Gospels were written not by Jesus, but about him, and long after his death.

6096. The Day of Judgment is the event of overwhelming importance in which all our petty differences of this imperfected world are covered over and overwhelmed in a new world of perfect justice and truth.

6098. On the faces of the wicked will appear the hard labor and consequent fatigue of the task they will have in battling against the fierce Fire which their own deeds will have kindled.

6099. "No food will be for them (in Hell) but a bitter Dhari" - bitter and thorny, loathsome in smell and appearance, which will give neither nourishment nor satisfy the pangs of hunger, a fit plant for Hell - like Zaqqum.

6100-01. The striving of the Righteous is pleasurable, with at times, persecution but brings inward satisfaction.

6102. the adornments of the Afterlife for the Righteous. 

6103!!!!!!!! on Camels.... and their great characteristics

6104!!!!!!!! on the sky (blue vault high above,- with Sun and Moon, the Stars and Planets; Full of beauty and magnificence, design and order, plainness and mystery.

6105-06!!!!!!! From the Camels to the Heavens above us, to the Mountains storing water, to the Earth as a whole, spread out with plan and purpose.

6107!!!!!!! The Prophet of Allah is sent to teach and direct people on the way. He is not sent to force their will, or to punish them.

Man's history and legendary lore show that Greatness does not last, and the proudest are brought low

6108!!!!!! on Dawn time; the compelling power of the dawn.

6109 A. On Ten nights. In times of paganism various superstitions were introduced which Islam swept away.

6109 B. On Hajj!!!!!!! (it's meaning and way of procedure)

6110. The contrast between even and odd forms.

6112. How from utter depths of Darkness, Allah's light can lead us into the most beautiful shine. By contrast, how resistance to Allah's Light would convert our greatness and glory to perdition. the average man does not understand these long-range mysteries of life, and we have need to pray that we may be of "those who understand".

6113-14. The people of Ad possessed an ancient civilization, which succumbed when they persistently broke Allah's Law. the Ad were a tall race.

6116. the Thamud civilization shows traces of Egyptian, Syrian, and later Greek and Roman influences. They built fine temples, tombs, and building out of a solid rock.

6117. Neither the Ad, Thamud, and Pharaoh - nations nor individuals, however mighty, prosperous, or firmly established they may be, can live if they transgress the Law of Allah.

6118. Even though Allah's punishment is delayed, His providence is ever vigilant. His punishment of evil doers is a form of justice to the weak and the righteous whom they oppress. It is part of the signification of his title as "Rabb" (cherisher).

6119!!!!!!!!!!!! Allah tries us w/ both prosperity and adversity: in one we should show humility and kindness (for prosperity); and in the other patience and faith (for adversity). On the contrary, we get puffed up in prosperity and depressed in adversity, putting false values on this world's goods.

6120. Subsistence... Allah provides for all... but people complain if the provision is measured and restricted to their needs or is different from that given to people in quite different circumstances.

6121!!!!!! Even at our own valuable, if we are favored with superfluities, do we think of the fatherless children or the struggling poor? On the contrary, too many men are but ready to embezzle the helpless orphan's inheritance, and to waste their own substance in worthless riot instead of supplying the people's real needs.

6122. On Charity... Kindness and generosity set up standards which even worldly men feel bound to follow out of social considerations, even if they are not moved by higher motives. But the wicked find plausible excuses for their won hard-heartedness.

6123!!!!!! Inheritance is abused in two ways. 1) they selfishly devour the property. 2) they live in idleness or waste their days in riotous show.

6124. On the Day of Reckoning, whether we failed to respect the rights of the helpless or actually suppressed those rights in our mad love for the good things of this life, we shall have to answer in the Realm of Reality.

6125. Retribution will at last come. Why not bring forth the fruits of repentance now.

6126. "Chastisement" and "binding in bonds" are two distinct phases of the Penalty

6128. Evil finds itself isolated, and cries out in lonely agony, while good receives a warm welcome from the Lord of Goodness Himself.

6129. "Enter My Heave!". Allah owns Heaven. May we reach it through Allah's grace

copy page 1954.

6130. Man is born for toil and struggle

6131. The Prophet should have been honored in his native city of Makkah. Instead he was actually persecuted. He should have been loved as a child. He was an orphan. Actually his life was being sought, and those who believed in him were under a ban.

6132. The relationship between Muhammad and his home city of Makkah that rejected him.

6133!!!!!!!!!!! Man's life is full of sorrow and vexation; Man is born to strive and struggle; and if he suffers from hardships, he must exercise patience for Allah will make his way smooth for him. On the other hand no man should boast of worldly goods or worldly prosperity.

6134!!!!!!!!!! On wealth, status, position, power. All his gifts and advantages are given to him for trial.

6135!!!!!!!! The man who feels no responsibility for his acts and thinks he can do what he likes, forgets his responsibility to Allah. He boasts of his wealth and scatters it about, for a time may, but a rude awakening must come soon, for he bases his hopes on unsubstantial things. Or if he spends his substance of self-indulgence, he is weakening himself and putting himself into snares that must destroy him.

6136. Allah watches him and sees all his acts and motives. Let him look within himself and use the faculties which Allah has given him.

6138. The two highways of life 1) the steep difficult path of virtue. 2) the easy path of vice and the rejection of Allah. Allah has given us the judgment to choose our own way; and He has sent us Teachers and Guides, with Revelation, to show us the right and difficult way.

6139!!!!!!!!!!!! In spite of the Guidance which Allah has given man, he (man) by no means has been eager to follow the steep and difficult path which is for his own spiritual good. "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.

6140-43!!!!!!!!!!!! The difficult path of virtue is found as the path of charity or unselfish love: 1) freeing the bondman. 2) feeding the orphan. 3) feeding the indigent down in the dust.

6144!!!!!!!!!!!! Practical charity and love will be the acid test of Faith and the teaching of all virtues. The virtues are summed up under the names of Patience (constancy and self-restraint) and compassionate kindness.

6147!!!!!!!!! The soul of man, with internal order and proportion in its capacities and faculties, as made by Allah, having been endowed w/ the power of discriminating between right and wrong, the conclusion is stated: Man's success or failure, prosperity or bankruptcy, would depend upon his keeping that soul pure or his corrupting it.

6148. the Sun, alike the Prophets, illuminates our world, and the moon, alike the minor teachers of the Universal message, are alike the Moon in its ebb and flow of reflection, from its original source (of the Prophets Sun).

6150. Unity between the sky (rain), the earth (food), the sun (the heat and warmth for food cultivation).

6152!!!!!!!!! On the soul...... Allah makes the Soul with proportion and relative perfection according to our particular circumstances in which it has to live its life. He breathes into it understanding of what sin is, wrong-doing, and what is piety and right conduct, in the special circumstances it may be placed. This is the most previous gift of all to man, the faculty of distinguishing between right and wrong. Man should learn that his success, his prosperity, his salvation depends on himself,-on his keeping his soul, pure as Allah made it; and his failure, his decline, his perdition depends on his soiling his soul.

6154. The story of Thamud - their prophet was Salih; he had to deal with an arrogant people who oppressed the poor and doomed them their rights of watering and pasture for their cattle.

6155-57. the Prophet Salih and the story of the she-camel killed by the people of Thamud.

6158. Allah decreed the total destruction of the Thamud. Salih had warned the wicked accordingly; he was saved by Allah's mercy as a just and righteous man.

Here we are told to strive our utmost towards Allah, and He will give us every help and satisfaction

6159!!!!!!! On Perseverance... Men's aims must be pursued; he must strive hard to put himself in a position to reach it in all its glory.

6161!!!!!! On Love... #marriage. Male, female; each performs it's own functions have special characters, primary and secondary within limited spheres, and yet both have common characteristics. Each is indispensable to the other. Love in its noblest sense is the type of heavenly love and the highest good; in its debasement it leads to the lowest sings and worst crimes. Striving is necessary for the highest good. 

6162!!!! On good and evil... There are wide contrasts in the nature and aims of men; good and evil. So evil, like night, may for a time obscure good but cannot blot it out. Do not be surprised or depressed.

6163!!!!! The Good are distinguished by three signs: 1) large-hearted sacrifices for Allah and men. 2) Righteous conduct by fear of Allah in action and mentally. 3) Truth and sincerity in recognizing all that is morally beautiful.

6164!!!!! The righteous will enjoy their life more and more, and Allah will make their path smoother and smoother until they reach bliss.

6165!!!!! The evil are distinguished by three signs: 1) Selfish greed and denial of other people's rights. 2) arrogance. 3) dishonoring Truth out of spite, or seeing ugliness where there is beauty.

6166. On wealth... Wealth amassed in this world will be of no use at the Day of Judgment. What will will be a life of truth and righteousness, and goodness to all the creates of Allah.

6167!!!!!!! Allah has provided full guidance. All through His creation there are sign-post indicating the right-way. He has given to man the five senses of perception with mental and spiritual faculties for coordinating his physical perceptions and leading him to higher and higher thought and feeling.

6168!!!!!! Man's free-will, he is expected to use it in such a way as to bring his whole being into harmony with the Universe.

6169. The Fire of Punishment will reach any who have deliberately sinned against their conscience and rejected Allah's Truth.

6170. Those most devoted to Allah - live lives of purity, and seek only for the "Face of their Lord"

6171!!!!!!! "Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification". The spending may be for charity, good works such as advancing the cause of knowledge, or supporting ideals. Wealth must be understood not only for money or material goods, but also for any advantage or opportunity which a man happens to enjoy and can place at the service of others.

6172. On Zakat... A man's proper use of wealth increases his position and dignity in the moral and spiritual world. Zakaa implies both increase and purification.

6173!!!!!!!!!! The intention of performing Zakat. The good man does not give in charity or do his good deeds expecting some reward.

6174. Every righteous man will have his own bliss, for there are degrees in virtue and bliss. What would seem to be sacrifice from other points of view, becomes their own highest pleasure and satisfaction. #righteousness #charity #self-sacrifice.

6175!!!!!! on The Dawn... The stillness of the night may seem lonely, but we are not alone, nor forsaken by Allah. Nor is such preparation (instilled within its existence) without immediate results, a sign of Allah's displeasure. ... From sunrise to noon, is the true type of growth in life and work.

6177. The early years of Prophet Muhammad's ministry might well have seemed blank. After he received inspiration, there were days and periods of waiting. A sense of loneliness might well have weighed on his mind... His own tribe (Quraish) jeered at him, taunted and threatened him, and slandered and persecuted him and those who believed in him. But his faith was never shaken unlike Jesus (Mark xvi. 34). Nor did the Prophets mind think that Allah was angry with him, as taunts of his enemies suggested.

6178!!!!!!!!! ~~My path and duty in my work~~ ... To the man who prepares for spiritual work/growth, the chief thing is typified by the growing hours of the morning. He should not be discouraged, nor overcome with a sense of loneliness, in his early struggles or difficulties. The end will crown his work. Allah's care is always around him. If unsympathetic critics laugh at him or taunt him with being "mad" or "old-fashioned" or "plowing his lonely furrow", his steady faith will uphold.

6179. To the truly devout man, each succeeding moment is better than the preceding it. His soul is filled with more and more satisfaction as he goes on.

6180!!!!!!! We are assured that feelings of doubt and suffering will vanish when our will is identified w/ the Will of Allah.

6181!!!!!! Judge the future in its past... Allah has been good to you in your past experience! Trust his goodness in the future also.

6182!!!! On Muhammad Being an Orphan... Our Prophet himself was an orphan. His father Abdullah died young before the father was born, leaving a little property. The Prophets mother Amina was in ailing health, and he was brought up by his nurse Halima. His mother herself died when he was six years old. His aged grandfather "Abdul Muttalib" treated Muhammad as his own son, but died two years later. Therefore his uncle Abu Talib treated him as his own son. He was thus an orphan in more senses than one, and yet the love he received from each of these persons was greater than ordinary parental love.

6183!!!! On the time in which Muhammad lived... The holy prophet was born in the midst of the idolatry and polytheism of Makkah, in a family (Quraish) which was a custodian of this false worship. He wandered in quest of Unity and found it by the guidance of Allah ~ We may err and find ourselves in mazes of error, in thought, motive, or understanding: we must pray for Allah's grace ever to give us guidance.

6184!!!!!!!! On my E&R theme (materialism; relationship w/ Ahel). ~copy whole thing written

6185. The Prophet treated all orphans w/ tender affection and respect, setting an example to his contemporaries, who frequently took advantage of the helpless position of orphans, and looked upon them as subordinates to be repressed and kept in their place... Helpless creatures ought to be treated as sacred trusts; creatures of any kind unable to assert themselves.

6186!!!!!!!!!!! On Idle sturdy Societal Beggars... They're mere parasites on society. ~ On giving Charity to those worthy and those unworthy.

6187!!!!!!!!! On Giving... If you are bountifully endowed by Allah, your duty is to make that Bounty spread far and wide. Proclaim it and share it, as the holy Prophet always did. We all owe it as a duty to our fellow men to be kind and helpful to those less endowed in any respect than ourselves... ooh la la lah "I speak solutions for illsssss and bless the less blessed!"

6188!!!!!!!!!!!!! The breast is symbolically the seat of knowledge and the highest feelings of love and affection, the treasure house... copy this whole thing

6189!!!!! On fighting sin single-handedly... Allah sends his Grace and aid, and that burden is removed or converted into joy and triumph.

6190!!!!! On Prophet Muhammad's Greatness... The Prophet's virtius and magnanimity of his character, and his love for mankind were fully recognized even in his lifetime, and his name stands highest among the heroic leaders of mankind.

6191!!!! Whatever difficulties or troubles are encountered by men, Allah always provides a solution, a way out, a relief, a way to lead, if we only follow His Path and show patience and well-doing. The solution or relief does not merely come after the difficulty: it is provided with it.

6192. When faced with difficulties from the world... When that happens, that does not finish the labors of the man of Allah. It is only one step to them. He has constantly and insistently to go on. When there is rest from the task of instructing the world, the contact with the spiritual kingdom continues, and in indeed it becomes more intimate and concentrated.

6193!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worldly greatness or success may be a means to an end, but it may also be a hindrance to true spiritual greatness. Allah is the goal of the righteous man's whole attention and desire.

Allah created man in the best of moulds, but that man is capable of (the utmost) degradation unless he leads a good life (has Faith).

"Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing"

6194!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Fig fruit... it can stand as a symbol of man's destiny in many ways. Under cultivation it can be one of the finest, most delicious, and most wholesome fruits in existence: in its wild state, it is nothing but tiny seeds, and is insipid, and often full of worms and maggots.

3000-02!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Olive and it's symbolism and significance!

6196. on Mount Sinai, the mountain on which the Law was given to Moses

6197. ON MAKKAH... The "City of Security" is Makkah. Even in Pagan times, it's sacred character was respected and no fighting was allowed in its territory. But the same city, with all its sacred associations, persecuted the greatest of the Prophets and gave itself up for a time to idoltry and sin, thus presenting the contrast of the best and the worst.

6198!!!!!!!!! Makkah stands for Islam; Sinai for Israel; the Mount of Olives for Christ's original and pure message.

6199. There is no fault in Allah's creation. To man, Allah gave the purest and best nature!!!!! Man's duty is to preserve the pattern Allah gave him. Allah exalted him (man) in posse, even higher than the angels, for the angels had to make obeisance to him. But man's position as vicegerent also gives him free-will and discretion, and if he uses them wrongly he falls even lower than the beasts.

6200. If man follow after evil, he will be abased to the lowest possible position. Those who use their faculties and follow Allah's Law will reach the high and noble destiny intended for them.

6202. Allah is wise and just. Therefore the righteous have nothing to fear, but the evil ones cannot escape punishment.

The chief obstacle, to the delivery of the message (to man), is man's own obstinacy, vanity, and insolence.

6203. "My first album intro should be similar to "iqraa".  Allah's message to Muhammad was Iqraa "read" or "recite" or "rehearse", "proclaim aloud" (Allah's message). In world letter Muhammad was unversed, but with spiritual knowledge his mind and soul were filled, and now had come the time when he must stand forth to the world and declare his mission.

6204. "Iqraa"... The declaration of proclamation was to be in the name of Allah the Creator. It was not for any personal benefit to the Prophet: to him there was to come bitter persecution, sorrow, and suffering. It was the call of Allah for the benefit of erring humanity.

6205. The seeking of knowledge... No knowledge is withheld from man, and he acquires it in such measure as outstrips his immediate understanding and leads him ever to strive for newer and newer meaning. This is the high destiny of man offered to him in his intellectual, moral, and spiritual nature.

6206!!!!!!!!!! "knowledge' and "teach" are from the same root word. Qaraa has a comprehensive meaning, and it runs throughout the Qur'an for those who will understand.

6207!!!!!!!!!!!! On Knowledge ... Allah teaches us new knowledge at every given moment. Individuals learn more and more day by day; nations and humanity at large learn fresh knowledge at every stage. This is even more noticeable and important in the spiritual world.

6208. All our knowledge and capacities come as gifts from Allah. The gifts may be strength or beauty, wealth, position or power, or the more subtle gifts of knowledge or talents in individuals,-or science, or art, or government, or organization for mankind in general.

6209. Man is not self-sufficient, either as an individual or in his collective capacity. If he arrogates Allah's gifts to himself, he is reminded -backwards of his lowly physical origin (from a drop of animal matter).

6210. Perverse humanity, seeks not only to rebel against Allah's Law, but also to prevent others from following it. On Abu Jahl, an inveterate enemy of Islam. He was arrogant and purse-proud and met his end in the battle of Badr.

6211. Man's insolence leads to two results: 1) self-destruction through self-misleading. 2) a false example or false guidance to others. The righteous man must test human guidance, by the question "is there Allah's guidance behind it?" "Does it lead to righteousness".

6212. The usual trick of the ungodly is to refuse to face Truth. They deny what is obvious to reasonable men, and turn their backs.

6214. The Pagan Quraish were in sympathy w/ Abu Jahl, but they could not, all combined, resist the onward march of the divine message, though they did all they could.

6215!!!!!!!! All combined forces of evil, though they may have worldly appearances in their favor, and though they may seem to be successful for a time, cannot stand against Allah. He has but to command His forces, and they will subdue evil, protect Allah's votaries, and justify the faith for which the votaries suffer.

6216!!!!!!!! The righteous man has no fear. He can disregard all forces of evil that are brought against him. But the might learn humility: that is his defense. He must have the will to bring himself closer to Allah.

6217-18. On the "night of power"... It is the 23rd, 25th, or 27th night of Ramadan, or other nights as well have been suggested. The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. It transcends Time: for it is Allah's Power dispelling the Darkness of Ignorance, by his Revelation, in every kind of affair. ... One moment of enlightenment under Allah's Light is better than thousands of months or years of animal Life.

6221!!!!!! On the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) receiving scriptures in the same line of prophecy in which came our holy Prophet. The Jews and Christians fell from the true straight, and standard religion, into devious ways, and would not come to the true Path until (they said) they were convinced by their arrival of the promised Prophet. But when the promised Prophet came in the person of Muhammad, they rejected him because they really did not seek for Truth but only followed their own fancies and desires.

6227. The responsibility of the People of the Book is greater than that of pagans, because the people of the book had been prepared for the straight Religion, yet they resisted it.

6228!!!!!!!! The three eternal principles of Religion are: 1) sincere devotion to Allah. 2) Prayer and praise as drawing man nearer to Allah. 3) The service by deeds of practical charity.

6231. Honor in the sight of Allah is not due to race or color, but to sincere and righteous conduct. ... To be given the faculty of discrimination between right and wrong and then to reject truth and right is the worst folly which a creature endowed with will can commit.

6232!!!!!!!!!! Human beings who live a life of faith and good deed... They attain the fulfillment of their highest hopes.

6233. The truly saved is he whose will has become completely identified w/ Allah's Universal Will.

6234. The "Fear of Allah" is the fear to offend against his Holy Law. Such fear is akin to Love.

6235. The overwhelming event (earthquake) which will usher in the Judgment Day will be a bigger and more far-reaching convulsion than any earthquakes that we know.

6236. An earthquake, if accompanied by a volcanic eruption, throws up enormous boulders and lava. They may be all kinds of minerals and treasures buried for secrecy. So in judgment Day, the dead who had been buried and forgotten will rise.

6239. In this world, good and evil are mixed together, but they will be sorted out and they will show the exact import of everything that they had thought, said, or done in the Dunya life.

6240. The weight of an atoms worth of deed will be brought to account and it will be done openly and convincingly.

Truly man is, To Allah, ungrateful; And to that (fact) He bears witness (by his deeds); And violent is he in his love of wealth. Does he not know,- when that which is in the graves is scattered abroad And that which is (locked up) in (human) breasts is made manifest - That their Lord had been well-acquainted with them, (even to) that day?

6241. Look at the chargers (animals of battle) panting for war on behalf of their masters. Does unregenerate man show that fidelity to His Lord Allah? On the contrary, he is ungrateful to Allah; he shows that by his violent deeds for wealth and gain and things that perish.

6244. The clouds of dust typify the ignorance and confusion in the minds of those who opposed truth.

6245. The forces of evil mass themselves for strength, but their massing itself may become a means of their speedy undoing.

6246. Unregenerate man, in contrast to those who receive guidance and wage unceasing war with Evil, is ungrateful to Allah, Him who sends His blessings and favors at all times. The ingratitude may, be shown by thoughts, words, and deeds - by forgetting or denying Allah and His goodness, by misusing His gifts, or by injustice to His Creatures.

6248. What an evil choice that he makes in committing treason against his won Benefactor by going after the petty baubles of this world's wealth of fleeting gains.

6250. Allah's knowledge is full and vigilant at all times. But on that day it will reveal to men secrets which they had long forgotten, for the Book of their Deeds will be made manifest at Judgment.

6251. On the Day of Noise and clamour (Day of Judgment).

6252. On the end of Times Apocalypse.

6253. The mountains on the Day of Judgment will be scattered about like flakes... This is a metaphor to show that what we consider very substantial in this life will be as an airy nothing in the next world.

6254. Good deeds will be weighed and appraised; it will take into account motives, temptations, provocations, surrounding conditions, antecedents, subsequent amends, and all possible connected circumstances.

6257!!!!!!!!!!!! A life of capitalistic acquisition (for wealth, position) may snare one from the good life.

6259. Kinds of knowledge: a) Certainty of the mind/inference. b) we shall instruct our minds to value the deeper things in life. If we do not use our reasoning faculties now, we shall see with our own eyes the penalty of our sins: it will be certain of sight.

All history shows that Evil came to an evil end. But Time is always in favor of those who have Faith, live clean, and pure lives, and know how to wait, in patience and constancy.

6262. Time,- one of the creations of Allah. If we merely run a race against time, we shall lose. It is the spiritual part of us that conquers Time.

6263. A life of material gains is a life of loss of a scoreboard. It will only show profit/a win, if he leads a good life, and contributes to social welfare by directing and encouraging other people on the Path of Truth.

6264. Faith is (your) armor, which wards off the wounds of the material world; and his righteous life is his positive contribution to spiritual ascent.

6265. If (man) lived only for himself, he would not fulfill his whole duty. Whatever good he has, especially in moral life, he must spread among his brethren, so that they may see the Truth and stand by it, unshaken amidst the storm of stress of life. For he and they will then have attained peace within.

pg 2004: "Oath" defined. "Adjuration" defined. -- as referred to in the Qur'an

6266. Three sins vices are condemned in the strongest terms. 1)scandal-mongering or suggesting evil of men/women by word, innuendo, behavior, or sarcasm or insult. 2) backbiting behind one's back. 3) Piling up wealth not for use or service to those who need it, but in miserly hoards.

6272. The story of birds flinging stones of baked clay at the army.

6275. Allah will protect His own. For men in all ages, it is: 'a man intoxicated' with power can prepare armies and material resources against Allah's Plan; but such a man's plan will be his own undoing; he cannot prevail against Allah.

6276!!!!!!!!!! On the Quraish Tribe... It was the noblest tribe of Arabia, the tribe to which belonged the Prophet himself. They ha custody of the Kaaba: 1) this gave them a commanding influence over other tribes. 2) their position and rule in Makkah gave them central position to facilitate trade and intercourse. 3) they had a secure position in war (due to the Makkah territory being inviolable from the ravages of war and private feuds. This honor and privilege, they owed it to Allah.

6277-80. The Quraish were practiced travelers and merchants, acquiring much knowledge of the world, and their territory being inviolable.

6281!!!!!!!!!! The definition and meaning of the word "Din".

I've become a teacher b/c my parents are teachers to me.. And I've spent 20 years of my life with them. 

6282. The Charity/Love from oneself which feeds the indigent at the expense of Self is a noble form of virtue, which is beyond the reach of those who are so callous, as even to discourage/look down upon such charity/kindness in others.

6283!!!!!!!!!!!! On the importance of Prayer from the heart, and not as plain habit. ... True worship does not consist in the mere form of prayer, without the heart and mind being earnestly applied to seek the realization of Allah's presence and the understanding of His Will.

6285!!!!!!!!! on Hypocrites. ... Hypocrites make a great show of goodness and charity, but fail if you test them by little acts of neighborly help or charity.


Abundance, (spiritual riches) comes through devotion & sacrifice.

Indulgence in Hatred! cuts off all hopes of this life 


6287. He who grants blessings is Allah, and to Allah alone must we turn in thanksgiving. It is your piety that reaches Allah.

6288. Hatred and spite are not constructive contributions to the work of this world, but its opposites.

In Matters of Truth we can make no compromise, but there is no need to persecute or abuse anyone for his faith or belief.

6289. On Faith... Faith is a matter of personal conviction and does not depend on worldly motives. Worship should depend on pure and sincere faith, but often does not: for motives of world gain reduce a great deal of the world's worship to sin, selfishness and futility.

6291!!!!!!!!!!! The powerful attitude of Faith and standing your ground for Truth

Victory is the crown of service, not on occasion for exultation (All victory comes from Allah).

6292. On achievement / the striving for, in the name of Allah----COPY WHOLE THING


Cruelty ultimately ruins itself. No boasted wealth or position will save him.

6294. On Abu Lahb...

6295. On the Nature of Allah -----COPY THE WHOLE THING

6297. On Polytheism... Such a system is opposed to our truest and profoundest conceptions of Life. For unity in design, unity in the fundamental facts of existence, Proclaim the unity of the Maker.

6301 - 05. ----COPY ALL

Trust in Allah rather than man. Be warned specially to the secret whispers of evil within our own hearts.



6309. COPY ALL


6184. ENERGY AND RHYTHM: my want for materialism. My rocky roads with my parents - these both coincide together. As portrayed by Muhammad and Khadija's love for him .

Turn to Allah in prayer and praise, for that is more than worldly power or wisdom.

The book of revelation makes things clear: it will last among the times.



2:110 ---- And perform the prayer, and give alms. Whatever good you forward for yourselves, you will find it with God. God is Seeing of everything you do.

2:177 ---- Righteousness does not consist of turning your faces towards the East and the West. But righteous is he who believes in God, and the Last Day, and the angels, and the Scripture, and the prophets. Who gives money, though dear, to near relatives, and orphans, and the needy, and the homeless, and the beggars, and for the freeing of slaves; those who perform the prayers, and pay the obligatory charity, and fulfill their promise when they promise, and patiently persevere in the face of persecution, hardship, and in the time of conflict. These are the sincere; these are the pious.

2:261 - 63
261. The parable of those who spend their wealth in God’s way is that of a grain that produces seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. God multiplies for whom He wills. God is Bounteous and Knowing.
262. Those who spend their wealth in the way of God, and then do not follow up what they spent with reminders of their generosity or with insults, will have their reward with their Lord—they have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.
263. Kind words and forgiveness are better than charity followed by insults. God is Rich and Clement.

2:267 - 74
267. O you who believe! Give of the good things you have earned, and from what We have produced for you from the earth. And do not pick the inferior things to give away, when you yourselves would not accept it except with eyes closed. And know that God is Sufficient and Praiseworthy.
268. Satan promises you poverty, and urges you to immorality; but God promises you forgiveness from Himself, and grace. God is Embracing and Knowing.
269. He gives wisdom to whomever He wills. Whoever is given wisdom has been given much good. But none pays heed except those with insight.
270. Whatever charity you give, or a pledge you fulfill, God knows it. The wrongdoers have no helpers.
271. If you give charity openly, that is good. But if you keep it secret, and give it to the needy in private, that is better for you. It will atone for some of your misdeeds. God is cognizant of what you do.
272. Their guidance is not your responsibility, but God guides whom He wills. Any charity you give is for your own good. Any charity you give shall be for the sake of God. Any charity you give will be repaid to you in full, and you will not be wronged.
273. It is for the poor; those who are restrained in the way of God, and unable to travel in the land. The unaware would think them rich, due to their dignity. You will recognize them by their features. They do not ask from people insistently. Whatever charity you give, God is aware of it.
274. Those who spend their wealth by night and day, privately and publicly, will receive their reward from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.

2:277 --- Those who believe, and do good deeds, and pray regularly, and give charity—they will have their reward with their Lord; they will have no fear, nor shall they grieve.

3:92 --- You will not attain virtuous conduct until you give of what you cherish. Whatever you give away, God is aware of it.

3:180 --- Those who withhold what God has given them of his bounty should not assume that is good for them. In fact, it is bad for them. They will be encircled by their hoardings on the Day of Resurrection. To God belongs the inheritance of the heavens and the earth, and God is well acquainted with what you do.

6:141 --- It is He who produces gardens, both cultivated and wild, and date-palms, and crops of diverse tastes, and olives and pomegranates, similar and dissimilar. Eat of its fruit when it yields, and give its due on the day of its harvest, and do not waste. He does not love the wasteful.

9:34 --- O you who believe! Many of the rabbis and priests consume people's wealth illicitly, and hinder from God’s path. Those who hoard gold and silver, and do not spend them in God’s cause, inform them of a painful punishment.

9:60 --- Charities are for the poor, and the destitute, and those who administer them, and for reconciling hearts, and for freeing slaves, and for those in debt, and in the path of God, and for the traveler in need—an obligation from God. God is All-Knowing, Most Wise.

22:41 --- Those who, when We empower them in the land, observe the prayer, and give regular charity, and command what is right, and forbid what is wrong. To God belongs the outcome of events.

1. Successful are the believers.
2. Those who are humble in their prayers.
3. Those who avoid nonsense.
4. Those who work for charity.
5. Those who safeguard their chastity.
6. Except from their spouses, or their dependents—for they are free from blame.
7. But whoever seeks anything beyond that—these are the transgressors.
8. Those who are faithful to their trusts and pledges.
9. Those who safeguard their prayers.
10. These are the inheritors.

47:38 --- Here you are, being called to spend in the cause of God. Among you are those who withhold; but whoever withholds is withholding against his own soul. God is the Rich, while you are the needy. And if you turn away, He will replace you with another people, and they will not be like you.

15. But the pious are amidst gardens and springs.
16. Receiving what their Lord has given them. They were virtuous before that.
17. They used to sleep a little at night.
18. And at dawn, they would pray for pardon.
19. And in their wealth, there was a share for the beggar and the deprived.

10. And give from what We have provided for you, before death approaches one of you, and he says, “My Lord, if only You would delay me for a short while, so that I may be charitable, and be one of the righteous.”
11. But God will not delay a soul when its time has come. God is Informed of what you do.